One In Three Glennallen High Students Is Learning Remotely From Home This Year

Monday, August 31st, 2020 was the first day of school in the Copper River School District, and students had a lot of choices this fall. You ...

Monday, August 31st, 2020 was the first day of school in the Copper River School District, and students had a lot of choices this fall. You could go to "Traditional" school by showing up in physical school classrooms. You could go to "Remote" school over the internet. Or you could take district-sponsored homeschooling – or some other form of valid homeschool system outside the district.

There are 5 existing schools in the district at this time: Slana School, Kenny Lake School, Glennallen Elementary, Glennallen High School, and "Upstream" District-sponsored correspondence study.

A significant number of Copper Valley families have decided to avoid  "in-person" schooling this year. Sixty-six students – from the combined schools of Glennallen Elementary, Glennallen High, and Kenny Lake --  chose "Remote" learning at home instead of entering their various school  buildings.  At Glennallen High School, one out of every three GHS enrolled students chose not to physically show up, but to take Remote classes.

Here's a breakdown, from a chart given to the Country Journal at the end of the first day of school, August 31st, by the Copper River School District.

A significant number of Glennallen Elementary students' families have chosen not to attend what is known as "brick and mortar" schooling  this fall. On the first day of school, August 31st, 30 Glennallen elementary students (of the 108.5 elementary students who are listed as enrolled) will be taking classes with the school from home, using what is called "Remote" learning. Seventy-eight Glennallen elementary students are currently physically coming to school.


Glennallen High's "Remote" students make up exactly a third of the school. Thirty-one GHS students are studying from home, and 62 high school students are attending school in person at the start of the school year. The total enrollment for Glennallen High this year is approximately 93 students at this time.

Kenny Lake has 52 students enrolled, with 47 students at the school studying "traditionally." Five Kenny Lake students opted to stay home and learn remotely. Kenny Lake's classes span all the grades.

All of Slana's 11 students this year -- from preschool to the highest grade that's covered this year, 10th grade – are starting out in "Traditional" classes at school.  So far, no Slana students are using "Remote" learning.

Overall, there has been a small drop in Copper River School District enrollment this year. Last year at this time 439 students were enrolled in the combined Glennallen Elementary, Glennallen High School, Kenny Lake Elementary and High School, Slana  Elementary and High School  and Upstream Learning Correspondence Study for Elementary and High School students. This year, so far, there are 408 students enrolled in all those schools.

Unsurprisingly, more students are enrolled this year in "Upstream Learning," the Copper River School District's homeschooling program. Last year 119 students were enrolled in Upstream. This year, 142 are enrolled.

Other homeschooling options exist outside the school district, which students can use, so the number of students actually "going to school" in the region is probably not fully known and could be higher than is shown.

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Top Chart: June 11, 2020  Bottom Chart: August 27th, 2020


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