Southcentral Foundation CEO Will Be Stepping Down After 29 Years

Katherine Gottlieb, Head Of Southcentral Foundation, Brought Down By Scandal Southcentral Foundation. (Photo, Southcentral Website) T...

Katherine Gottlieb, Head Of Southcentral Foundation, Brought Down By Scandal

Southcentral Foundation. (Photo, Southcentral Website)

The CEO of the massive Southcentral Foundation, which serves Native Alaskans, employs 2,500 people, and brings in $400 million a year, will be leaving the organization at the end of August.

Southcentral Foundation was begun by Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI) in 1982. It provides medical and human services to Alaska Native and American Indians and covers a huge complex in midtown Anchorage, with multiple buildings.

In 1998, Southcentral Foundation took over the Alaska Native Medical Center along with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. The medical center is one of Alaska's larger hospitals; it is a 167 bed hospital with over 250 physicians, and provides telehealth services to 180 Native village clinics. The original medical center (built in the early 1950's)  had its start as a tuberculosis sanitarium to serve Native people affected by ongoing TB epidemics.

The Southcentral Foundation provides a range of major services through its programs: audiology, elder programs, men's wellness, emergency services, home services, behavioral health, obstetrics, wellness programs, dental care, optometry, pediatrics, physical therapy, research, primary care clinics, detox, and pharmacy services among them.

Katherine Gottlieb is resigning as president and chief executive of the organization two weeks after her husband, Kevin Gottlieb, who was Vice President and chief of staff, was found to be falsifying dental accounting records. There is a building on the grounds that is named after the couple.

A winner of the MacArthur "genius grant', and faculty member at Harvard Medical School, Katherine Gottlieb worked as the chief executive for 29 years. According to Alaska Public Media, she made $641,000 a year. Her husband, in his role as vice president, made even more:  $724,000.


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