Alaska Plans Mandate For Housing First Responders & Health Workers Exposed To COVID-19

State Of Alaska P lans Using Hotels & College Do rms To Protect Families Of Health Care Workers, First Responders & Homeless Pe...

State Of Alaska Plans Using Hotels & College Dorms To Protect Families Of Health Care Workers, First Responders & Homeless People Exposed To Coronavirus 

The State announced on April 13th, 2020 that they were about to implement a temporary quarantine and isolation program for first responders. The program would use hotels, college dorms and "modified non-traditional structures" to help health workers and EMT's keep their families safe.

This type of program has been used in places like China. In many parts of the U.S., though, hospital workers are frequently shown on TV returning to their homes and families at the end of the day, potentially infecting them. 

Alaska's Mandate 014 includes:

  • First responders and healthcare workers who need to quarantine safely without exposing their families.
  • Homeless families, with at least one member who tested positive for COVID-19, who live in congregate shelters and will require isolation.
  • Homeless individuals who require quarantine or isolation. 


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