Sport & Personal Use Fishing To Remain Open During 2020 Season In Alaska

  Klutina River Fisherman. (Photo, Country Journal) Alaska Urges Anglers To Remain Completely Self-Sufficient O n Their Fishing Trip...

Klutina River Fisherman. (Photo, Country Journal)

Alaska Urges Anglers To Remain Completely Self-Sufficient On Their Fishing Trips By Buying Everything In Town Before Leaving 

By Wednesday, April 15th, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game had sent out a press release affirming that personal use and sport fishing will be allowed in 2020.

Fish & Game wrote:
Although travel between communities is prohibited under the issued health mandates, the public may still travel to fishing locations. When traveling to participate in sport or personal use fisheries that occur outside of their communities of resident, the public should follow these guidelines:

1. Conduct your fishing activities as close to your home residence as possible.
2. Local mandates may be authorized under Public Health Mandate 012. Find out local mandates in communities through which you plan to travel and abide by them.
3. Totally provision your trip from your community of origin. Don't plan on buying food, drinks or even fuel (if possible) after you begin your trip and until you return home.
4. Practice social distancing while sport or personal use fishing.
5. Highly suggest anglers wear face coverings as suggested in Health Alert 0101 issued April 3, 2020.

Adherence to these stipulations will allow Alaskans the opportunity to fish and put food on their tables while taking measures to protect public health and allow time to build needed health infrastructure.

Also, subsistence fishing remains open and unrestricted under the issued health mandates.  


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