Helping Hand And Generosity Of Spirit Between Friends

Jackie Ewan Johnny, Wayne Tyone & Bob Neeley in 1989. (Copyright © Country Journal Archives) Helping Your Brother In Need ...

Jackie Ewan Johnny, Wayne Tyone & Bob Neeley in 1989. (Copyright © Country Journal Archives)

Helping Your Brother In Need

Bob Neeley, a vet from Gakona, is a strong believer in helping your neighbor. Bob has a long friendship with Wayne Tyone of Gulkana. 

Wayne and Bob have known each other for years. They worked together on the Pipeline. Bob says, "Wayne's like my brother. Brothers help brothers!" Bob says he and Wayne are "Working Class Heroes." 

With this in mind, Bob and his boys, Joshwho is 14 – and Jason – who is 12 – have been making sure Wayne (who was injured in a snowmachine accident in the past) had firewood this winter. On occasion they have also been taking him food. It's never easy in the Copper Valley, especially now, and Bob is pleased with his sons' generosity of spirit. "We do this out of heart. Not for money, you know..." 

Both Josh and Jaysen have also been working hard at school, making themselves into successes. Like Copper Valley kids all over the region, they're currently working on computer laptops at home. Jaysen is an 8th grader at Glennallen, and won the School Geography Bee.

Wayne, too, is a helper. You can read about how grateful Shirley LeMaster of Gakona Junction is for the help that Wayne gave her this past year after her husband died. (Shirley's story is also on this website, and shows how Copper River people "pass it on.") 

In case you're wondering exactly how long these friends have known each other and worked together, here's a 1989 Country Journal picture of Bob Neeley and Wayne Tyone along with Jackie (Ewan) Johnny – taking a class at the brand new Prince William Sound Community College. The military Over-the-Horizon Radar project they were studying for, called "Backscatter," never materialized. It was replaced by the HAARP project.


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