Glennallen High School Graduates, Class of 2020 (Bancroft to Jones)

Teacher Misty Rude sent along the following information and photographs of this year's graduating class at Glennallen High School...

Teacher Misty Rude sent along the following information and photographs of this year's graduating class at Glennallen High School

Aengus Martin Bancroft
Aengus Bancroft
(Aengus for his Irish heritage and Martin for his beloved Norwegian great grandfather.)
Scholarships & Award: Copper River Basin Lions Club Scholarship, $500.00 | Copper River Wrestling Booster Club Scholarship, $500 | National Wrestling Coaches Association & US Marine Corps High School Scholar All-American Award
Favorite Family Memories: Aengus wore a cape until he was 10 years old, to the store, to bed, always. Most summer days he would cover his entire body in mud and spend his time either fishing or inventing ways to fly off of the roof.
First Career Goal: Aengus wanted to be a "raccoon doctor" when he grew up. We raised a raccoon from two weeks old and it ate, slept, and played outside with him and his brother. Aengus wanted to find a way to make Rascal live forever.
Proud Parent, Brandie Radigan: Everything Aengus has done makes me proud. His perseverance and dedication to becoming a two-time state champion in wrestling was a hard-earned accomplishment. But the thing I am most proud of him for is his dedication to his family. Not only do I know I can count on him to help me in any situation, hunting, safety etc. I can never thank him enough for his help. He has changed out water systems, laid flooring, rebuilt parts of the furnace, painted, maintained our vehicles, and had to work hard for every single thing he has. He makes us laugh every day with his hilarious monologues and reassures me when I am feeling bad about not being able to buy them fancy things, saying, "There's more to life than material things” and that it builds character and “We have love and that's all we need." I cannot imagine life without his beautiful face.

Aengus, thank you for the laughs, the tears, the lessons, the hugs, the help and all of the beautiful moments of being your mom and watching you accomplish what you set your mind to doing. It is amazing and rewarding watching you decide to do something and then you make it happen. Go after your dreams, my son, and when things get tough, pick your head up and remember where you come from. I gave you that name so you can invoke the strength of your ancestors. If you are having a hard time, remember your great-great-grandfather who, after all of his family had died during An Gorta More in Ireland, at age 14 came to America on a coffin ship without a dime in his pocket and made a life for himself. If he can do that at 14, there's nothing stopping us. But most of all my boy, find peace within yourself. You are precious and the world is a better place having you in it. I will always be here mo mhac beloved (“my beloved son” in Irish).

Celia Chmielowski
Celia Chmielowski
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Activities: Playing volleyball and snowboarding
Favorite HS Memory: When my senior year got cut short by a pandemic virus, and I got a two-and-a-half month spring break
Favorite HS Teachers: Mr. Dale, Mr. Andrews, Mr. Stickney, and Mr. Crow
Plans after HS: After graduation I want to make lots of memories with my friends before going to Boise State in the fall to pursue a degree in Geosciences.
Scholarships: CVEA Community Foundation Scholarship, $1,000 | Copper River Basin Lions Club Scholarship, $500.00 | CVT Scholarship, $3000 | American Legion Scholarship, $1500 | American Legion Scholarship, $1500 | UA Scholar
Thanks to: I would like to thank my family, and my second families like the Delaquitos and Seiferts, for supporting me in both my academic and adventurous endeavors over the years.
Favorite Family Memories: She would crawl up in her Daddy's lap and stuff her fingers in his mouth. Celia didn't walk until she was 13 months old because she never needed to—someone would always pick her up. When she did start walking it was never a walk, it was a run. Everywhere, all of the time.
First Career Goal: Celia wanted to be a Mom.
Proud Parents, Steve & Katrina (Church-) Chmielowski: We are so proud that Celia works hard for what she wants and sticks to it, even when things are hard. Most of all, we're proud that she is kind to the people around her and loves God. Celia loves to enjoy life, whether it's rowing the river, playing volleyball, or cooking a gourmet dinner. She was always a happy child with a fabulous imagination. She always had things planned for the family to do. She brings never-ending joy to us all.

P.S. Dad wants to know if he can come visit when you have your own place, and then turn up the heat and leave all of the lights on when he leaves.

Jamison Fields
Jamison Fields
Favorite Activities: Basketball and Snowboarding
Favorite HS Memory: Watching Cordova's team cry after we beat them at regions.
Favorite HS Teachers: Mr. Dale was the best math teacher I have had and really helped me learn a lot of things that I didn't want or feel the need to learn. Mr. Andrews always managed to find a way to make class lots of fun.
Downside to School Closure: “Corona-cation” wasn’t as good because Alyeska closed, and we weren't supposed to see people. ):
Upside to School Closure: Didn't have to go to school and got to make money and hang out with friends.
Plans after HS: Succeed
Goals in 10 years: Be comfortable in whatever I am doing.
Thanks to: Parents, friends, teachers, and coaches.
Favorite Family Memory: One day I looked outside while the kids were playing, to check on them. Aidan was driving their toy Jeep and I saw Jamison’s head (he was then a year and a half old) poking out from underneath the jeep. Aidan was looking down with the pedal pressed down all the way, and the tires spinning trying to complete the 4x4 move over his little brother.
First Career Goal: Race Car Driver
Proud Parents, James & Tricia Fields: He is a hard worker, kindhearted, and determined in everything he does.

Ruth Finau
Ruth Finau
Favorite Foods: Anything my mom makes
Favorite Music: Reggae music/RNB
Favorite Activities: Playing volleyball/basketball and hanging out with family and friends
Favorite HS Memory: Never thought I would be upset about not having to go to school
Favorite HS Teacher: Mr. Dale. Mr. Dale definitely helped me throughout my four years of high school. From teaching/helping me with math, to writing me numerous letters of recommendations for scholarships and RAHI. Thank you.
Downsides to School Closure: Playing basketball for the first time and not being able to finish my senior season, not being able to have one last run at prom with the girls, not being able to hang out with my friends as much (since we're all going to different colleges this fall), and not being able to have a traditional graduation.
Upside to School Closure: None
Plans after HS: I plan to attend UAA and major in Biology.
Goals in 10 years: In 10 years, I plan on being a dentist and chasing the rest of my dreams.
Scholarships: CVEA Community Foundation Scholarship, $500 | Copper River Basin Lions Club Scholarship, $500.00 | CVT Scholarship, $1500
Thanks to: My mom for her unconditional love and support for me throughout my life. My dad for pushing me to be better and do my best in everything I do. Family and friends for always being there for me and my teachers/school counselor (Hannah Silvey) for helping me become the student I am and helping me excel in school.
Inspirational Quote: "Life doesn't get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient." Steve Maraboli

Aisake Finau
Aisake Finau
Favorite Foods: Hamburger and Pizza
Favorite Activity: Hockey
Favorite HS Memory: My sophomore year when me and the boys left the state hockey tournament to go get burgers
Favorite HS Teacher: Mr. Stickney because he doesn't give me homework like the rest of you do.
Downside to School Closure: I don't get to see the boys anymore.
Upside to School Closure: I don't get see the teachers anymore.
Plans after HS: Enlist in the Army
Thanks to: The boys, my family, Bobby Sampson, The Matthews family, and especially my parents.
Favorite Family Memories: I remember Ruth, she’s a sweet little girl and she always care and love about her family. Aisake always getting in trouble in class as he grew up, but he has a big heart. Their favorite teacher in the elementary is Sandy McMahan.
Proud Parents, Toa & Militoni Finau: Ruth plans to attend UAA in the fall, and Aisake plans to enlist into the army. I am very excited for their future and can’t wait to see them reach their goals. I am very proud of their hard work that they have portrayed through their years in school. I am very proud of you both. Hard work always plays off. Don’t forget, Mom will always love you guys.

Gabe Jones
Gabriel Jeremiah Jones
Favorite Food: Cheeseburger
Favorite Music: Country
Favorite Activity: Hunting
Favorite HS Memory: Winning regions my senior year
Favorite HS Teacher: It’s a toss-up between Mr. Andrews and Mr. Dale, They're both really nice and caring guys.
Downside to School Closure:
Probably not going to state.
Plans after HS: Work
Goals in 10 years: Too far into the future to know
Thanks to: I’d like to thank my coaches, James Fields and Bob Cyr
Inspirational Quote: “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” James 1:4
Favorite Family Memories: Gabe was such an outdoorsy kid. Rain or shine, he was always playing outside!
First Career Goal: Hunting Guide
Proud Parents, Jeremiah & Anita Jones: He's smart, kind, and good at so many things! Hunting and fishing, basketball, woodwork, mechanical work, you name it! We are so proud of you Gabe! We’re all so excited to see how far you'll go and the things you'll accomplish! We love you.

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