Kenny Lake High School Graduates, Class Of 2020

Jacob Gottschalk Jacob Gottschalk Favorite Food: Homemade hamburgers Favorite Music: Christian/Come Thou Fount/Chris Rice Favor...

Jacob Gottschalk
Jacob Gottschalk
Favorite Food: Homemade hamburgers
Favorite Music: Christian/Come Thou Fount/Chris Rice
Favorite Activities: Football and Hockey
Favorite HS Memory: Jogging on the bluff with Taylor for P.E.
Favorite HS Teacher: Mrs. Purcell. Mrs. Purcell motivates me not only to do my best, she knows how to make me smile.
Downsides/Upsides to School Closure: I wasn't able to finish up high school traditionally, but my family is healthy and I was able to complete my classes.
Plans after HS: The plan for me is that in the fall, I would attend AVTEC to do training on Plumbing/Heating and Refrigeration. Then, after finishing those trades, hopefully finding a job in Alaska for those trades.
Goals in 10 years: For later on, I want to either be a firefighter or something to do with Homeland Security. Probably go to UAF for the Homeland Security or UAA for the fire class.
Scholarships: CVEA Community Foundation Scholarship, $500 | CVT Scholarship, $1500 | American Legion Scholarship, $1500
Thanks to: I want to thank the Proches for caring for me, helping me with my school work, and loving me. I also want to thank the Kimberlins also for everything they have done for me as well.
First Career Goal: Jacob has always liked to work with his hands. He is also one of the hardest working children I have had.
Proud Parents, Mark and Charmayne Proch: Jacob does what is right when no one else is looking.
We are so glad that the LORD gave us you as our son.

Joseph Hardy

Joseph Oscar Hardy
Favorite Activities: Basketball
Favorite HS Memory: When we won Regions on the home court in Glennallen
Favorite HS Teacher: Mrs. Doty; she will never let up on any student about doing their work and always helps push students to do their best so they can be prepared for the day we are about to face with 0 worries. This day is graduation, and I am so thankful I have had her and all of the other amazing teachers in my corner.
Downsides to School Closure: COVID-19 is very upsetting to me, because I no longer get to see all of the people I used to see every day, and only certain people can attend our graduation. But there are so many more I wish could be there that have helped me through high school.
Upsides to School Closure: One advantage I see that has come out of this is that at least we are still having graduation and able to continue classes online, or this entire year would have meant nothing. But it still means something, which helps me personally push through.
Plans after HS: After graduation I plan to attend AVTEC for diesel mechanics and stay in Alaska afterwards to pursue a career in this field.
Goals in 10 years: In 10 years I plan to be working a diesel mechanic job in Alaska somewhere and have started to build my own house somewhere close.
Thanks to: I would like to thank Mrs. Doty for pushing me through classes and helping me throughout the years, as well as Trevor Alexander for being a brother to me throughout high school and to this day still one of my closest friends, as well as Dan for giving me rides to practice and always being there for me when my mom wasn't able to.
Inspirational Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.” Wayne Gretzky
Favorite Family Memories: On the first day at Kenny Lake, it was end of third grade, and Mrs. Scheirholt's class was going on a field trip to Silver Lake to go fishing. Joseph, excited and loving to go fishing, couldn't wait to try out the new area fishing hole. Nobody was catching fish, and Mr. Gordon told the kids they needed to call the fishies out, so the new student boldly started calling out, "Here Fishy, Fishy,” and, “Come get the good food." Sure enough, it worked and Joseph caught the biggest fish out of Silver Lake in 5 years, and Mr. Gordon wished it was him! But they congratulated Joseph and also put a story and picture in the local newspaper. How awesome and funny; very much remembered by his classmates.
First Career Goal: Police Officer
Proud Parents, Danny and Stacy Hardy: He is always helpful to others and, yes, too smart for his own good, and becoming a good mechanic. He is excited to go to AVTEC in the fall, which has been postponed to January, for Diesel Mechanics.

Stay committed to your goals in life. I wish the best in whatever decisions you choose for your future plans, and as always, Mom and Dad love you.

Izaak Nelson
Izaak Nelson
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite Music: My favorite style is classic rock. I don’t have a favorite song or artist because there are so many of them.
Favorite Activities: My favorite hobby would probably be snowmachining. I live for going out riding.
Favorite HS Memory: My favorite high school memory is when I would goof off with my friends in the library when we were supposed to be working.
Favorite HS Teacher: My favorite CRSD Teacher is Mrs. Doty. She kept us on track, but also has the best sense of humor and can make you smile on the days when you don’t want to smile. If it were not for Mrs. Doty, I wouldn’t have graduated when I did.
Downsides to School Closure: Not having all my family come up and see me receive my diploma. And cancelling senior trip.
Upsides to School Closure: We are able to be with our families more than ever. I feel like that’s really important for us seniors because we will be moving away within the next year.
Plans after HS: After graduation I plan on attending the Palmer Job Corps to become an electrician. Then later in life I would like to work with the IBEW.
Goals in 10 years: In the next 10 years I hope to have a full-time electrician job and be living in Alaska still.
Thanks to: There are way too many people I could thank, and I don’t know where to start.
Inspirational Quote: “You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget mistakes, but you don’t dwell on them.” Johnny Cash
Favorite Family Memory: When he learned how to ride his bike at 4 and promptly set up jumps in the driveway!
First Career Goal: Fire fider!
Proud Parents, Shane & Sarah Nelson: He always has plans for tomorrow, dreams for today, and the strength to follow his heart.

The sky is the limit! Follow your dreams and never stop dreaming.

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