Slana School's High School Graduates, Class of 2020

Thomas Abraham & Tyler-James Lloyd Emerson Graduate From Slana School Tyler Emerson and Thomas Abraham, Slana School's Tw...

Thomas Abraham & Tyler-James Lloyd Emerson Graduate From Slana School
Tyler Emerson and Thomas Abraham, Slana School's Two Graduating Seniors (Photo, Slana School)

Slana School has two graduating seniors this year.

Thomas Abraham (Photo, Slana School)

Favorite Food: Cheesecake
Favorite Music: "I'm Still Here" by John Rzeznik
Favorite Activities: Archery, Fishing, Hunting, Carpentry, and tinkering on things.
Favorite HS memory: Being able to be in Kenny Lake for the last day of school in 2018. I was there because I constructed a rocket out here in Slana. Mr. Proch asked my mom and the principal for me to go to Kenny Lake for the last day of school to shoot rockets that day. I had a blast even though the rocket got destroyed using an experimental rocket motor. The teachers there wouldn't let me leave. They wanted to keep me, but I told them Slana needed me.
Favorite HS Teacher: Mr. Proch because I learned a lot of things and tricks about science and math that I am applying. And understanding those tips and tricks that he showed me in freshman and sophomore year now, since I am taking Algebra 2, is helping me out a lot now when I figure it out. Another teacher would be Mr. Stickney, because he was fun to work with in the shop.
Downside/Upside to School Closure: Not being able to shoot in Salt Lake City for the last time. Also not being able to go to prom. During TREK I have two shop classes during that time. So I can work on things at home that I would have been able to take to school before.
Thomas Abraham (Photo, Slana School)

Plans after HS: After I graduate I plan to go to the University of Alaska Anchorage to get an associates degree in professional piloting.
Goals in 10 years: In 10 years I hope to be flying for Alaska Airlines or FedEx.
Scholarships: I know I have the University of Alaska Scholarship.
Thanks To: I would like to thank everyone in my community and my family for their support all these years. I would also like to thank all my teachers that I had over the years, too.
Inspirational Quote: "You got the making of greatness in you, but you gotta take the helm and chart your own course! Stick to it, no matter the squalls!"-- John Silver in "Treasure Planet"

Tyler-James Lloyd Emerson (Photo, Slana School)


Favorite Food: Strawberry Shortcake
Favorite Activities: Hunting, anything that I can throw, Video games.
Favorite HS Memory: 3:10pm
Favorite HS Teacher: Jared Dale and Mr. Stickney!!! I cannot express enough how much they made my day better. They threw hard work at you, but unlike my other teachers, they stood by you and helped you along the way. Making sure you learned it, instead of throwing the work at you and making you learn it: they have a way to make it feel like they're learning alongside you.I 've never seen them give up, or tell a student they don't have time to talk. Those two teachers have always made time for their students, and are fully dedicated to their work and making sure students have fun but learn their work. Very few times I've seen them handle a situation under frustration: they are calm and collected. The most amazing school teachers I've ever had.
Downside to the School Closure: My graduation cancellation and the disappointment of how we are going to do it now.
Upside of the School Closure: Time that is wasted at school sitting in a chair, I use outside on projects.
Tyler Emerson (Photo, Slana School)

Plans after HS: After graduation I plan to join the military through the Marine Corps. I've signed an 8 year contract, and my ship out date is August 21st. I hope to exceed to the highest branch I can and serve this country like my fathers before me did.
Goals in 10 years: In 10 years I plan to be settled down on base and still serving the Corps.
Thanks to: My grandma Linda Bates, Ole Bates, Bob Stickney, Jared Dale, my parents, and my friends.
Inspirational Quote  "One more day."---Tyler Emerson

Slana is going to have an Improvised Outdoor Graduation, Thursday, May 14, 2020 6pm-7:30 pm.

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