Kenny Lake Homesteader Works To Give 140 Vietnamese Families Emergency Food

Recipient of Emergency Rice. (Photo, Neil Hannan) Vietnamese Families Receive Food As sistance From Neil Hannan Of Kenny Lake & O ...

Recipient of Emergency Rice. (Photo, Neil Hannan)
Vietnamese Families Receive Food Assistance From Neil Hannan Of Kenny Lake & Other Donors

Neil Hannan wrote with an update on his ongoing work with villagers in Vietnam. Recently he shifted to food relief services.
He wrote:

There is no safety net. No programs. No handouts. They're truly on their own during this unfortunate and difficult period. Oh, the Vietnamese know hardship well and aren't standing around with their hands out, whining. But, fueled by compassion, several kind folks have stepped up, offering donations to help relieve the serious food shortage. Focusing on villages where we have previously worked, I contacted Khanh, Chairman of Hearts for Hue and trusted friend.  Working with the local Red Cross representative and village officials, families with the most critical need were identified. Our available funds allowed the provision of aid to 70 families in Huong So Ward, Huong Van Village, and Phu Gia Village, all familiar places. I am told that the recipients were very grateful and overwhelmed with happiness. Each  received 10 kg (22#) of rice, a case of noodles, and a bottle of fish sauce, which will sustain a typical family for approximately one week. See the list naming each family and photos attached.

Thanks to all who whose contributions have allowed this most worthwhile and much-needed humanitarian endeavor. And to Khanh, who brings it all together.

By the way, stay tuned. More folks have just joined in the food-relief effort, so we hope to soon be in a position to help even more hungry villagers. 


Beyond the 70 families last week, food was just yesterday distributed to 70 more families in Thuy Phu Fishing Village, Huong Van Village, and Hue. Again, each was very grateful to receive a 10 kg (22#) bag of rice, a case of noodles, and a bottle of fish sauce. Thanks to all who, through generous donations, have supported this much-needed food relief program in Vietnam. We'll keep at it as long as possible. A big "thank you" to Khanh of Hearts for Hue for his highly-efficient coordination of this critical humanitarian endeavor.  Appreciation is also extended to Mr. Thuyen of the Red Cross, who helped to identify those families most in need. We're on a roll, folks, and it would be great to keep on rolling.

By the way, Katie, Kira, and I visited Thuy Phu fishing community in 2018. These villagers live on the small boats all year long...pretty amazing. They're very poor, but happy. I make a point to spend time with these special people on each trip.

Thanks again!

You can reach Neil Hannan by internet at: 
 Neil Hannan <>

Neil Hannan and Company on a visit to a Vietnamese fishing village. (Photo, Neil Hannan)


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