Glennallen High School Graduates, Class of 2020 (Komok to Winter)

Tristin Vance Qetunraq Komok Favorite Food: Stuffing Favorite Music: Pop, Gotti by 6ix9ine Tristin Komok Favorite Activities...

Tristin Vance Qetunraq Komok
Favorite Food: Stuffing
Favorite Music: Pop, Gotti by 6ix9ine
Tristin Komok
Favorite Activities: Reading, basketball, reading
Plans after HS: I plan to go to UAA to study for my Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Favorite Family Memories: Tristin experienced white fish fishing with his grandpa Peter at Nunapitchuk as a 3 year old. He would get up really early, dress himself, and wake his grandpa up, telling him he’s ready to go. His grandpa Peter was really touched by this and would retell the story with a big smile.
First Career Goal: He first pursued the Navy and then the Police careers then back to the Navy.
Proud Parents, Vincent & Grace (Nicholi-) Komok: When he answers honestly, he makes me proud. When he is humble and respectful to the Elders, he makes me proud. For him to be graduating, he makes me proud.
“You are my Son shine, my only Son shine, you make me happy when skies are grey, you never know dear, how much I love you ... please don’t take my Son shine away” I have sung this to you since you were small. Your Mom loves you so much. I am very blessed to have you in my life.

Cassidy Matthews
Cassidy Matthews
Favorite Foods: Fried Rice, Steak, and Caesar Salad
Favorite Music: Country
Favorite Activities: Hockey, Volleyball, Student Council, Hunting, Fishing
Favorite HS Memory: Home Ec class, pep rallies, and staying involved in everything going on in our school
Favorite HS Teacher: Mr. Dale for always taking extra time to make sure we actually learn what we are being taught.
Downsides to School Closure: The biggest thing we're missing out on is a normal graduation. But, we also didn't get to experience our "lasts" such as prom, AASG, and the last day of school.
Upsides to School Closure: We get to sleep in every day.
Plans after HS: After graduation I plan to attend Montana State University to pursue a business degree.
Goals in 10 years: In 10 ten years, I hope to be married with three kids, living on a ranch somewhere with a good job to support my family.
Scholarships: Montana State Achievement Scholarship, $44,000 | CVEA Community Foundation Scholarship, $1,000 | CVT Scholarship | Copper River Basin Lions Club Scholarship, $500.00 | | CVT Scholarship, $2500 | American Legion Scholarship, $1500 | American Legion Scholarship, $1500 | UA Scholar
Thanks to: I would like to thank Toa Finau, Holly and Michael Auble, Hannah Silvey, and my parents.
Inspirational Quote: "Challenges are what makes life interesting, and overcoming them are what makes life meaningful." Joshua J. Marine
Favorite Memories: Cassidy has always been so loving and caring to small kids. As a toddler she would be content for hours holding a baby. It wasn't always smooth, though; when she was 17 months, we had turned our head for 2 seconds, and she had picked up her brother (1 month old) by the neck, in a choke hold. She was proud!
First Career Goal: A nurse like her Grandma Vicki
Proud Parents, Melvin & Jaime Matthews: Cassidy has always worked hard to achieve her dreams. As a commercial fisherwoman the last five years, she has had many sleepless nights, and has worked hard to earn her position as "deck boss." One minute she can be a girly girl, and the next she is fishing, hunting, or playing hockey!

Cassidy, we are so proud of you and look forward to you achieving your dreams at Montana State University! Keep being you; work hard, stay positive, and rise above any situation that can bring you down. Those qualities will contribute to your success in life. We love you. Love, Mom and Dad

Keshaw McConkey
Keshaw McConkey
Favorite Foods: Pizza
Favorite Music: Favorite artist, Twenty-One Pilots; Favorite song, “Without Me” by Eminem
Favorite Activities: Writing stories
Favorite HS Memory: Starting senior year
Favorite HS Teacher: I like all the teachers who taught me. Each of them inspires me in different ways, but they all inspire me to try anything I want and see how it goes.
Downside to School Closure: My only disappointment was that I didn’t get to finish the chair I’m working on.
Upsides to School Closure: Sleeping
Plans after HS: After graduation, I plan to get a job and mentally grow up more. I want to save money and move to a place that I find perfect.
Goals in 10 years: In10 years, I want to be someone that is looked up to. Maybe not famous or a large name, but even if one person looks up to me, in a good way, it would make a big difference.
Thanks to: I’m thankful to a lot of people.
Favorite Family Memory: When she and her older brother were little, I was pulling into my driveway and they were swimming in this big puddle in the yard.
Proud Parent, Julia McConkey: Everything about Keshaw makes me proud.
You are an amazing person, and I am proud of who you have become. I love you with all of my heart.

Holli Nollner
Holli Layelle Nollner
 Favorite Food: Asian food
Favorite Music: Any type of music; favorite song is “Louder than Bomb” by bts
Favorite Activities: Biking, painting, binge-watching shows
Favorite HS Memory: Cheering for our team during home games with my friends
Favorite HS Teacher: Mrs. Rude. She helped me to find the good in things and not be too hard on myself.
Downside to School Closure: Regional and State basketball being cancelled
Plans after HS: Attend AVTEC in Seward and complete the IT program and then go to UAF for their Computer Science Program
Goals in 10 years: Hopefully go back to college for a marine biology degree and do something that involves helping sea animals. And travel the world.
Thanks to: My parents, for pushing me to finish even when I didn’t have the motivation, and for listening to all my stories I had to tell. And my friends, for making high school a little more bearable.
Inspirational Quote: “One must still have chaos within oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” 
Friedrich Nietzsche
Favorite Family Memory
: When Holli was little, we took her duck hunting. But when it came time to shoot the duck, she shouldered the 20-gauge shotgun and got in her stance and aimed for what seemed to be a long time, and finally put the gun down and said, "Sorry Dad, I can't do it. They're too cute, and they make little baby ducks." I smiled and said that was okay, and we went to Tastee Freeze instead of eating ducks for dinner.
First Career Goal: When Holli was little she said she wanted to be a chef/baker/business woman and create a bakery/restaurant in Glennallen because it was badly needed.
Proud Parents, Christopher & Charlene Nollner: We are proud of the person Holli is. In addition to her character of kindness & respect, we have seen her show courage in trying new things and stepping out of her comfort zone. She has persevered through many hard times and demonstrated resiliency and never gave up. Most recently, she pushed through a basketball game with a swollen, injured ankle. Holli has always thought for herself and did not conform to the standard; marching to the beat of her own drum.
I want to say thank you, Holli, for all of these school years. You made it an amazing experience to watch you grow into this beautiful young lady that’s about to go out and write her own life story. As you already know, this is difficult for me because we had so much fun; it seems like just yesterday I was putting you on the Head Start bus with your crooked pigtails, and now you’re graduating high school. But I am happy for you. I’m excited to see what you’re going to do next. No matter where you go or what you do, I’ll always be in the bleachers, cheering on number 3. Love always and forever, Dad.

Anne Orencia
Anne Kathryn Orencia
Favorite Food: Sinigang
Favorite Music: Too many favorites, can't choose.
Favorite Activity: Reading and making art
Favorite HS Memory: When we got to dissect sharks
Favorite HS Teacher: Again, it's hard to pick a favorite. I would say all of the CRSD teachers impacted me, some through the knowledge they gave. Others, like the administration and other CRSD staff also helped through the positive direction and guidance that they provided. All that combined support has allowed me to broaden my educational horizons thanks to them.
Downside to School Closure: The general uncertainty that surrounds the situation of COVID-19 closures.
Upside to School Closure: A more flexible schedule, and less pressures socially.
Plans after HS: I plan to go on to College and pursue a course in the STEM field.
Goals in 10 years: I hope to have made positive changes in my surroundings and have practiced for several years in medicine by then.
Thanks to: My parents. I would like to thank them for all the support in my choices to take the classes that I've taken and for molding me to prepare for what's ahead. Also to Mrs. Silvey for the opportunities she opened up for me when she introduced me to AP classes. Mrs. Rude for the encouragement she gave me towards being more outspoken/expressive. Mr. Dale for being unbiased of our math levels and helping regardless. Mrs. Lorence for her enthusiasm with our presentations. Mr. Andrews for being open to different ways students learn too. Those in the office, for being quite understanding. And in addition, all the others (including fellow students) who have helped me in my educational and personal journey.
Inspirational Quote: "Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men." John F. Kennedy
Favorite Family Memories: Her favorite things to do when she was little:
1. Writing stories using her own imagination.
2. When she was 4 she liked going to the library to read stories to younger children.
3. She liked singing her own made-up songs.
Proud Parents, Albert & Maria Orencia: She is God-fearing, loving, caring, humble, and respectful. Doesn't give up easily, very persistent, and determined. We're proud of who she is.

Congratulations! Your family will always be so proud of you, not because of your achievements, but because of who you are. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6 Your success is our success too. We're so thankful to have you as our daughter.

Sydney Shedlock
Sydney Shedlock
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Music: Country
Favorite Activity: Volleyball
Downside to School Closure: Not having senior prom or actual graduation
Upsides to School Closure: Aren't any
Plans after HS: Going to college to become a pediatric doctor
Goals in 10 years: I hope to have a good job and family
Thanks to: I would like to thank my family and the teachers for helping me get through school.
First Career Goal: Sydney wanted to be a Princess
Proud Parents, Brent & Julie Shedlock: Sydney’s strong faith and positive attitude make us proud.
Sydney, Mom and Dad are so proud of the young woman you’ve become and are excited to see what wonderful things you’ll accomplish in life. Always remember to believe in yourself, make the most of each and every day, and love with all your heart! Life is an adventure, Sydney! Enjoy the journey! With all our love, Mom and Dad

Devin Spears
Devin Ray Spears
Favorite Foods: Seafood: lobster, scallops, shrimp
Favorite Music: Favorite artist: Lil Uzi; Favorite song: “Heart on Ice”; Favorite style: Hip Hop/Rap
Favorite Activities: Basketball, Fishing, Hanging with friends
Favorite HS Memory: My favorite high school memory was when our basketball team (Trevor, Aidan, Gabe, Luke, and Jonathan) went to team camp and won the championship.
Favorite HS Teachers: By a long shot, Mr. Dale would be my favorite teacher; he has taught me so much of his knowledge, and I will definitely use it in the near future. I couldn’t thank him enough! Can’t forget about Mr. Andrews the real OG (if he reads this he will know what that means). But thank you for all of the English and literature you taught me and especially for getting me through that advanced class with you, which I thought I couldn’t do.
Downsides to School Closure: Biggest downsides would be that prom was cancelled, state basketball tourney was cancelled, the traditional graduation and all the time I lost with my friends and loved ones.
Upsides to School Closure: I get to lay in bed a lot and play games and watch movies, and the SAT was cancelled from the APS scholarship.
Scholarships: Copper River Basin Lions Club Scholarship, $500.00 | Glennallen PTO Scholarship, $500
Plans after HS: After graduation I plan on going to UAA in the fall and getting my bachelors in biology.
Goals in 10 years: I want to complete med school and ultimately become an orthopedic surgeon.
Thanks to: I would like to thank my family and friends and loved ones for everything they’ve done for me, I really would be lost without them, and to the Feilds for housing me my freshman year and helping me be a better person on and off the basketball court. And I would like to thank Gulkana Village, my home for a lot of years of my life, my heart will always have a place for every single person in that village.
Inspirational Quote: “Don’t try to be like someone else. Be yourself; be Devin Spears.” Coach Fields
Favorite Family Memories: During our travels from Florida to Alaska, Devin would sleep; anytime we got to a town and he would smell food, he would wake up. He would peer at us from over the back seat (at that time he had no front teeth), and he would say, “Eat flesh, Papa, eat flesh,” meaning Subway—eat FRESH.
First Career Goal: Army Man
Proud Parents, Ray & Desiree Spears: We are proud of Devin’s kind nature and proud of his schooling achievements.

I am very proud of the man he is becoming. Every father hopes for his son to grow into someone that he can be proud of, and Devin, I want you to know you have, and I am very proud.

Trinity Wasankari
Trinity Raye Wasankari
Favorite Foods: My Mom’s and Grandma’s moose burgers. Best thing invented.
Favorite Music: I love all music for the most part, maybe not so much country, but I love Kansas, specifically “Dust in the Wind” because of how the song is portrayed.
Favorite Activities: My passion is painting. I love art. It’s my favorite thing to do in any spare time I have.

Favorite HS Memory: One of my favorite high school memories is the continuous laughs on basketball trips with my coach Jubilee, and even if it’s not basketball trips, Jubilee always has a contagious laugh and we always almost pee our pants when together.
Favorite HS Teacher: My favorite teacher is most definitely Mrs. Rude. She’s helped me in so many different ways, including helping me pave my road on faith. She’s always there for me, no matter what. Even in the middle of a class, when I’m having a meltdown, she will be there to offer a hug and love. I love her so much!
Downside to School Closure: A downside is I’ve definitely waited and watched all of the past graduating classes since I can remember. So it definitely sucks not having the ideal graduation.
Upside to School Closure: Biggest upside is having so much time with my family to really focus on what is important.
Plans after HS: After graduation, I plan on attending an online college and majoring in psychology. Where am I going? No clue. But I know whatever I choose to do, that’s what I’m supposed to be doing.
Goals in 10 years: In 10 years, I hope to be pretty successful. I will never be able to “pay” back my family for all of the things they have done for me. I hope to be thriving in my art business and miscellaneous things.
Thanks to: My mama, she’s the most supportive person who is always there for me day or night. She is so amazing in every single way and I hope to continue to make her proud!
Inspirational Quote: “All I can do is be me, whoever that is.” Bob Marley
Favorite Family Memories: There are so many and difficult to pick one favorite! So we will go with the day she came home from Head Start, and I was going through her backpack and found a big mess of hair... I asked her about this, and she tried to play it off as cutting her Barbie’s hair. When it came down to it, she and a peer at Head Start gave each other haircuts. The looks on her face and her admission to the truth were priceless. Her own guilt took care of never doing that again! It’s only hair ... no big deal!
First Career Goal: Trinity has always had a passion for music and from the earliest days she desired to command the stage and be a rock star!
Proud Parent, Kristal Wilson: I am proud of my firstborn daughter in ways that words provide an injustice to the feelings! Trinity is her own person. She continues to find herself every single day. She is a passionate, creative, empathetic, and loving individual. Her heart is her spirit, and she makes me proud each and every moment!

Trinity, thank you for choosing me to be your momma! I love you beyond any earthly measurement. Your excitement to hold the world in your own hands amazes me every single day! I admire your courage and strength to face each day and overcome the obstacles that maybe in the moment you feel hinder you, and now you see all of your experiences allow you to grow. You are a beautiful woman, baby girl. Let your infinite light shine, ALWAYS!

Hayle Winter
Hayle Winter
Favorite Food: Manicotti.
Favorite Music: Electronic, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, Pop, Electronic Rock
Favorite Activities: Playing videogames, reading, writing, listening to music, and drawing. (Emphasis on videogames, haha).
Favorite HS Memory: Junior year Prom & Homecoming.
Favorite HS Teacher: Mr. Dale. He's a really fun, laid back teacher, and I've enjoyed the classes I've had with him since freshman year.
Downsides to School Closure: Not being able to see my friends before I graduate, and not leaving home.
Plans after HS: After graduation, I hope to become a writer. I've always had a passion for writing and hope to make it an official career after high school. I've been working on a book since eighth grade, and I'm still currently writing it at this time. I hope to have it published.
Goals in 10 years: In 10 years, I hope to be living somewhere else in Alaska and have writing as an official career and as a backup career, Journalism.
Thanks to: I would like to thank Mr. Dale for encouraging me in math, which Is literally my worst subject, but I somehow managed to pass every year thanks to his insightful guidance on the subject.
Inspirational Quote: "If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor." Eleanor Roosevelt
Favorite Family Memories: One of my favorite memories of Hayle was when she was about 1 1/2 or 2, and she was at Grandma's house for Christmas. We had a snow globe that played a Charlie Brown song, and snow would swirl around Snoopy when she shook the globe. She would ask for snow, snow and sit on Grandma's lap for as long as she could.
Proud Grandma, Jackie Winter & Dad, Nathan Winter: One of the moments that makes us most proud of Hayle is that she worked so hard to finish school.

Hayle, you are so loved!!!!!

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