CRNA Warns Public: There's Limited Covid Testing Capacity In The Region

   "We Are Currently Not Able To Immediately Test Everyone..." "We Encourage High-Risk Individuals & Elders To Immediatel...


 "We Are Currently Not Able To Immediately Test Everyone..."

"We Encourage High-Risk Individuals & Elders To Immediately Notify Their Provider"

"We Ask You To Pass This Information To Others..."

-Copper River Native Association
JULY 22, 2021  

In the spring of 2020, CRNA greeted people in a heated tent who needed to be tested. (Photo, CRNA) 

With 25 to 30 recently discovered new Covid cases in the Copper Valley, a surge in hundreds of delta variant cases all over Alaska, and hospitals filling up alarmingly in Alaskan cities, CRNA sent out a letter to the public on July 22nd.  

Contact Your Provider & Pass This Information On

The CRNA letter asked local residents to pass the word on to others that CRNA's Covid-19 testing system has changed. It was not clear why the region's testing capacity is now limited, or if the CRNA vaccination program has also changed. Apparently, only around 30% of the Copper Valley's residents have been vaccinated to date. 

The letter also says that people should wait before getting tested, and to follow CDC guidelines. 

To see what the State Of Alaska's Health Department says, see link at bottom of this page. 

Anchorage International during Covid. (File photo, Country Journal) 

Free 24 Hour Alternate Test & Vaccine Site At Anchorage International Airport 

Need testing or a vaccine? There are testing and vaccination sites in the Mat-Su and Anchorage, some of which are open on the weekends. 

One of the most easily accessible is the Anchorage Airport in the main terminal by the baggage claim. According to Anchorage International's website, anyone 12 years and older can now receive a free test or a free vaccine at the airport. You do not need to be traveling. 

Testing is located near Claim 3, and you can park in airport visitor parking. "Test results are often available in less than 48 hours," says the Airport site. 

Who To Contact For Free Testing/Vaccines 
For more information, Anchorage International  asks you to contact Capstone Clinic at or phone the Capstone Clinic.  



Good afternoon,

As a stakeholder in our region, we wanted to urgently share updated information with you, as well as express our continued willingness to support your COVID-19 health needs.

In coordination with MSTC and Cross Roads Health Ministries, we can confirm a significant increase in COVID-19 cases in our region. There are approximately 25 to 30 confirmed cases throughout our region in the last 2 weeks. We cannot confirm the prevalence of the delta variant.

Our region has set a high standard within the State for accessibility of testing. CRNA’s Primary Care and Testing team has been working at capacity to address testing needs. Based on resource restrictions and manufacturer testing requirements, we are currently not able to immediately test everyone requesting a test. Unlike our testing operations earlier in the pandemic, we are no more restricted to a short timeframe in which a test must be processed.

Our team is appropriately triaging requests for testing to ensure proper and sustainable use of testing resources. In an effort to communicate this, we ask you to pass this information to others when you have the opportunity. Your patience and understanding will go a long way in ensuring the success of our efforts.

Getting tested immediately is usually not the best strategy, it takes time for symptoms and testing conditions to develop. Regardless of testing availability or symptoms, individuals that believe they have been exposed should be prepared to stay at home for a period of up to 14 days. We recommend utilizing resources from CDC and contacting a provider for more detailed guidance.  We encourage high-risk individuals and elders who have had direct exposure to immediately notify their provider to develop appropriate testing or case management strategies.

We remind you to take it upon yourself to be diligent in practicing proper hygiene, social distancing, and mask-wearing.

A Look At Alaska's State Department Of Health Covid-19 Guidelines  
See the Alaska's Health Department's official information to the public in case you need to be tested, have had Covid contact, or need a free vaccination: Covid-19, What To Do 
(State health officials say you should get tested immediately if you think you have Covid. You can find the state of Alaska's complete Covid-related tips in the Journal. Click the link above: "Covid-19, What To Do." )


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