Mary George, Daughter of Bacille & Nancy George, Dies December 4th, 2021

Mary George (Legacy Tribute Archive) Mary George, who was born in Dry Creek on December 11th, 1937, died on December 4th.  Her family wrote ...

Mary George (Legacy Tribute Archive)

Mary George, who was born in Dry Creek on December 11th, 1937, died on December 4th. 

Her family wrote for her Legacy Obituary: 

As a child she was burned from a wood stove fire, but that did not slow her down. She was always doing something; cleaning, cutting fish, setting snares, trapping, cutting wood, carrying water from the river, picking berries, and gardening. She was always busy! She never let her disability stop her from working! 

She loved her grandchildren and great grandchildren from the time they were born! 

Mary was always there for her grandchildren regardless of the weather conditions. She would walk through the snow and cold weather to be with them. She loved to joke around and laugh with everyone, no matter who they were. She’d always open her door and her refrigerator with a warm welcoming smile to everyone, even her Pepsi. 

Mary is survived by her daughter Donna Ewan, son Leonard George, nieces and nephews, Sam (Tammany) George, Robyn George, Erica George (Rodney Lafromboise), Gail Savage, Leslie George, Ladonna Parker, Diane Parker, Nancy Stansell-Gatewood, Aaron (Diana) George, Robert Stansell, Karen Stansell, Melvin George, grandchildren: Jeremy Stevens, Eric Stevens, Gerald L. Stevens, Coretta Dye (Johnny), Serena Stevens (Neng Yang), Rodney Stevens (Brianna), Reina Ewan, Rene Ewan, Cheyenne Ewan and Corie Ewan. Great grandchildren: Josiah Stevens, Alylah Stevens, Herman Stevens, Gabriel and Jade Stevens, Jakayla Solomon, Takeshia Stevens, Ryah Dye, Emma Yang, Charlotte Stevens, Olivia Stevens, Jasilyn Ewan and Aydin Harding Gil. Numerous niece and nephews. 

Mary is preceded in death by her parents Nancy Stickwan George and Bacille George, her grandparents Stickwan and May, and Willowcreek George and Bessie Jackson her siblings Nick George, Sam George, Molly Parker and Glenna Stansell and her daughter Alice George, nephew and nieces.

The George family was a culturally important one. Mary's mother, Nancy George – along with Martha Jackson, Mary Jackson and Annie Ewan – were four elderly Ahtna women known as the "Copper River Four." They got that name when they allegedly defied an emergency closure with their fishwheels.  The case was eventually dismissed. 

Viewing will be on Monday, December 13th, 2021 from 10 am to 12 pm at the Anchorage Funeral Home and Crematory at 1800 Dare Avenue, Anchorage. 


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