So Cool! Glennallen Subway Shop's Grand Opening Took Place At 35 Degrees Below Zero

Inside the Subway during Grand Opening (Photo, Bruce Cain)   December 4th Celebration Included Ribbon Cutting & "Community Investme...

Inside the Subway during Grand Opening (Photo, Bruce Cain) 

 December 4th Celebration Included Ribbon Cutting & "Community Investment Award" From The Chamber Of Commerce  

Ben & Stephanie Carlton with Subway Man, receiving Chamber award from Bruce Cain. (Photo, Jordanny Sutherland)

It was 35 below on Saturday, December 4th, 2021. But that didn't stop people from coming out to support the grand opening of the new Subway Restaurant in downtown Glennallen.

(Photo, Bruce Cain)

The family of Ben and Stephanie Carlton, of Gakona had been working all summer long on the project, which is housed in a log cabin. The doors had been thrown open earlier this year, in a soft opening. The inside of the building looked exactly like a Subway sandwich shop: the selection of chips, the choice of foods to select from, the Coca Cola, the logos...

(Photo, Bruce Cain) 
The family-operated Subway franchise has been welcomed with open arms by a community that needs to see some forward motion. Subway is one of the only American food franchises that has stores in rural Alaska. 

Cutting the ribbon with a lawn clipper. (Photo, Jordanny Sutherland) 

There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony and an award from the Chamber of Commerce. 

Glennallen is a major summer tourism route. 

At one of the farthest north Subway stores in the world, this Sub Man really needs a coat! And maybe some Bunny Boots. (Photo, Jordanny Sutherland) 


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