Crazy Weather From Ketchikan To Fairbanks

  Fairbanks 511:  Hazardous Driving  Airport Way, Fairbanks at noon on Wednesday, December 29th (511 Site)  Fairbanks: "Just Stay Home&...

 Fairbanks 511: Hazardous Driving 

Airport Way, Fairbanks at noon on Wednesday, December 29th (511 Site) 

Fairbanks: "Just Stay Home" 
A DOT camera, half covered by snow, shows how Fairbanks has come to a standstill with a crazy combination of rain, snow and temperatures above 30 degrees. There was more rain and snow than expected. Fairbanks had its third highest total precipitation ever – almost 2 inches. That is a year-round record, summer months included – not just a December one. All of that rain has turned to ice, which won't go away until spring. 

Kodiak Breaks All Time State High
The temperature at the airport in Kodiak reached 65 degrees on Sunday. Elsewhere on Kodiak it hit 67, which is a statewide record high for the month of December.

Ketchikan Clocked In At Zero Degrees On Christmas Day
While Anchorage and Fairbanks were fighting freezing rain around Christmas Day, Ketchikan was fighting off the cold with temperatures well below normal and far below the Fairbanks temperatures. 

Casey Grove of Alaska Public Media did a great story and interview on the Christmas Storm of 2021 and you can read it by clicking here.

Alaska’s weekend Christmas storm was one for the record 



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