CRNA Gets A New Ambulance With Help From Ahtna CARES Funds: More Details

 New Ambulance  Will Be Used For Patient Transport To Anchorage, Not For 911 Calls  New Ambulance (CRNA)  The Copper River Native Associatio...

 New Ambulance 

Will Be Used For Patient Transport To Anchorage, Not For 911 Calls 

New Ambulance (CRNA) 

The Copper River Native Association, with the help of CARES Act money distributed by Ahtna, has purchased an ambulance. 

The new ambulance is expected to increase CRNA's ability to transport patients in the region. 

CRNA wrote the following press release regarding the ambulance:

The Copper River Native Association recently purchased a new state-of-the-art ambulance for inter-facility transports. The purchase became possible after CRNA received $1 million from Ahtna, Inc. after the corporation received federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) funding. The purpose of the CARES Act funding is to help mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 virus.

“Our new ambulance will improve patient comfort for the long inter-facility trips into Anchorage,” said CRNA Emergency Medical Services Manager Lezelda Fiebig. “We hope to use the ambulance as a mobile integrated health platform to supplement non-emergency and COVID-19 care within the villages. It will be an extension of Primary Care, supporting our Community Health Aides in the villages,” she said.

The ambulance was purchased from Hughes Fire Equipment and arrived at CRNA on December 1. It will be equipped with new emergency care tools before starting operations in early 2022. The ambulance will help improve care and comfort for patients transported between health care facilities in the region and between the Robert Marshall Building and Anchorage. The ambulance and its crew will not respond to 911 emergencies.

“We are very thankful and excited for the opportunities available for increased healthcare with the new ambulance,” said CRNA CEO Angela Vermillion. “We appreciate Ahtna, Inc., and its Board and staff for their partnership and continued support in our endeavors. CRNA remains committed to providing excellent health services to our region,” she said.


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