Active Warrant Or Abscond From Probation? Turn Yourself In Today, Troopers Advise

 Troopers Say They're Going To Go After Those With Active Warrants  Location:  Mat-Su Valley Type:  Joint Fugitive Operation Dispatch Te...

 Troopers Say They're Going To Go After Those With Active Warrants 

Location: Mat-Su Valley
Type: Joint Fugitive Operation
Dispatch Text:
On December 22 and December 23, 2021, a joint operation with the Alaska State Troopers Mat-Su Criminal Suppression Unit, Palmer Judicial Services, and Alaska Department of Corrections Division of Pretrial, Probation, and Parole netted the arrest of six fugitives living in the Mat-Su Valley. The two-day operation focused on locating individuals that have absconded probation or had felony arrest warrants. In addition to the fugitive arrests, Trooper-led investigations conducted as part of the operation resulted in at least 14 additional felony charges for multiple people that were arrested during the operation. Troopers also seized approximately 20 grams of suspected methamphetamine and 12.3 grams of suspected heroin. The Mat-Su Criminal Suppression Unit is a specialized team of Alaska State Troopers dedicated to investigating complex property crimes reported across the Mat-Su Valley. The CSU works closely with other Alaska State Trooper units, local police departments, and the Alaska Department of Corrections to assist with a variety of operations that help address crime and improve the quality of life across the Valley.

Similar operations are planned across the state in the future, so if you have an active warrant for your arrest or have absconded from probation you are encouraged to turn yourself in at the nearest Trooper post or local police department. The Alaska Department of Public Safety maintains an online list of active warrants across the state:


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