Overflow! Five Snowmachiners In Dillingham & Nenana All Found Alive By Searchers

 It's That Time Of Year  To Take The Snowmachine Out... And Trigger A Rescue  The Alaska State Troopers have come up with two success st...

 It's That Time Of Year 
To Take The Snowmachine Out...
And Trigger A Rescue 

The Alaska State Troopers have come up with two success stories in the last few days. Both involve people getting lost on snowmachines. On December 29th, five people were stranded on their machines, including two would-be rescuers. All people involved were saved.

The rescues happened in Dillingham and Nenana. Here are the Trooper reports on the incidents:


Location: Dillingham
Type: Search and Rescue
Dispatch Text:

Update 4:20 pm: At approximately 2:37 pm ground searchers located Andrew alive. Andrew is being transported back to Dillingham by ground searchers. The Alaska State Troopers would like to thank all of the volunteer searchers that assisted with this search.

Original: On December 29, 2021, at approximately 7:20 pm, the Alaska State Troopers received a report that 68-year-old New Stuyahok resident Andrew Wagan was overdue from a snowmachine trip. Andrew had left Dillingham for New Stuyahok by snowmachine on the morning of December 29, 2021 but never arrived in New Stuyahok. Troopers confirmed that Andrew had not made it to New Stuyahok and also confirmed that he was not in Ekwok. A hasty ground search on the evening of December 29th produced no leads. Search teams are planning to search via snowmachine and air on December 30, 2021 weather permitting. Andrew was operating a blue Polaris snowmachine. If you have any information on his current location please contact Alaska State Troopers in Dillingham at (907) 842-5641.


Location: Nenana
Type: Search and Rescue
Dispatch Text:

On December 29, 2021, the Alaska Wildlife Troopers were notified that two adult males were stranded on their snowmachines outside of Nenana. The two men’s snowmachines were stuck in overflow, and they did not know their exact location. The two men had been attempting to rescue two other men that had been caught in overflow on December 28, 2021 who were taking shelter at a cabin. Fairbanks based Wildlife Troopers determined the stranded men’s location and responded to Nenana with snow machines to attempt a rescue. Poor weather conditions prevented Trooper air assets from traveling to the area, so assistance was requested from the US Army. An Army helicopter traveled to the area from Fort Wainwright and picked up two Wildlife Troopers in Nenana. Both men stranded with their snowmachines in overflow were rescued, and one man from the cabin were picked up by the helicopter, one man opted to stay at the cabin.


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