Middle Of The Night Search For Missing Fairbanks Toddler Uses Drone, Dogs To Try To Find Baby In Thick Woods

 Two-Year-Old Found Through Helo-2 Thermal Imaging A Mile From Home  Area where child was lost in Fairbanks near the Chena Pump Road. (Googl...

 Two-Year-Old Found Through Helo-2 Thermal Imaging A Mile From Home 

Area where child was lost in Fairbanks near the Chena Pump Road. (Google Maps) 

Over 50 People Searched For Child 

Local Volunteers, Fort Wainwright, FBI Search For Lost Baby 
Found Less Than 2 Hours After Report Came In 

Location: Fairbanks
Type: Missing Child/ SAR

Dispatch Text:

On 5/10/2023 at approximately 2000 hours AST received a report of a missing 2.5-year-old in the area of Edby Road in Fairbanks.  The child’s mom was tending to another child when her toddler left the house.  The parent immediately contacted AST.  Troopers responded and conducted an initial search of the area.  Troopers also utilized an sUAS aircraft (unmanned drone) to help with the search.

Troopers launched Helo 2 to assist with an aerial search.  Fairbanks PAWS was contacted to provide search dogs.  Approximately a dozen volunteers and dogs responded to assist.  Multiple neighbors assisted in searching their own properties and provided personal security footage in an attempt to locate the child.  Approximately 25 volunteers from Ft. Wainwright responded to help with ground searching.

At approximately 2140 hours Helo 2 was able to locate the child using its thermal imaging systems.  The child was located approximately a mile from his residence in a thick wooded area on a steep slope.  Helo 2 was able to provide guidance to Troopers on the ground who were able to reach the child.  The child was brought to his parents and awaiting EMS.  The child was transported to FMH with minor injuries. 

Troopers would like to thank the volunteers who helped with this rapidly evolving situation.  Special thanks go to neighborhood searchers, PAWS, members of 124th and 152nd units from Fort Wainwright, UAFPD, and the FBI for their assistance.  In total, approximately 50 law enforcement officers, military and civilians assisted with the search for the child.  


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