Play It Again, Sam! Moose Creek Overflows Its Banks, One More Time

 Moose Creek Floods Glennallen  Sandbags That Were Set Out A Few Weeks Ago Help Hold It Back  Story & Photos, Bruce Cain   Saturday, May...

 Moose Creek Floods Glennallen 

Sandbags That Were Set Out A Few Weeks Ago Help Hold It Back 
Story & Photos, Bruce Cain 

Saturday, May 13th, 2023

As predicted,  flooding in Glennallen is really taking off today. Terrace Drive culverts are backing up. The water is almost over the Glenn Highway. Moose Creek culverts are backing up and verflowing banks. Water is running over the top of the jersey barriers and flooding the Legislative Information Office and library basements, the fire hall and BLM headquarters.




  • This morning Snowshoe Drive is being flooded by Moose Creek.  See photos.  I also have a video if someone wants to set up a Facebook page or some other way to post larger files.
    • The side channel on Moose Creek against Snowshoe Drive is flowing hard and will probably rise more today. 
    • The jersey barriers are slowing down the flow, but a lot is running through to the library and LIO parking lots. 


    • Water is filling the parking lot around the fire hall and running down to the culvert by the Alascom warehouse. 


      • This culvert is handling the flow for now and moving all overflow water across the Glenn Highway at this point. 
      • That could change if flow increases.
      • Again like last year, the flow is coming from above the Glenn Highway culverts.
    • With the current warm weather predicted for the next few days, I expect higher flows and more flooding to occur. 



  • Patrolman Creek is high this morning and should be watched.
  • Lake Fargo is pretty much empty so we are getting a break there.


  • We should set up some kind of community watch Facebook page or other way to communicate if things get away too much.



  • Other previous activity.  
    • May 5-6 2023. Duane at Waterworks had excess flow on his property and was flowing into a manhole in the sewer system and threatening his basement and the water system used for the community water delivery business.  
      • Lonz Saavedra put Visqueen and sand bags over the manhole and this slowed flow enough to relieve the sewer system pumps.
      • I coordinated with adjoining property owner for permission for Duane to clear a drainage path from this area. 
      • Duane and his boys and some volunteers sandbagged the flow at the Glenn Highway culvert on the  laundromat side of Waterworks property and diverted flow into a natural drainage path. 
        • That helped.  I have not heard a recent report on how this is going with the warmer weather.
    • May 9, 2023.  I got a call from Sean Williams that he was experiencing water overflow at his property at MP 116 Rich.  He used 10 sandbags to deal with this successfully. 


  • So far our preparations, coordination and prepositioning sandbags has helped a lot, but I think we are going to have some pretty high water in Moose Creek and other areas for the next few days and need to be on alert/standby.


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