Delta Wind Quotes Cross Road CEO: Ambulance Service In Copper Valley Ends July 1st

 Ambulance Service For Copper Valley Ends July 1st, Delta Paper Reports   Delta Medical Transport in Glennallen's 2020 4th of July Parad...

 Ambulance Service For Copper Valley Ends July 1st, Delta Paper Reports  

Delta Medical Transport in Glennallen's 2020 4th of July Parade (Photo, Country Journal) 

New Non-Profit Formed To Try To Get Funds For Both Delta Junction & Copper Valley Ambulance Care 

According to the Delta Wind in Delta Junction, ambulance service to both the Copper Valley and Delta is due to stop at the end of June, 2023. 

Currently, ambulance service in the Copper Valley is provided by Delta Medical Transport in Delta Junction – which also serves their home community. 

Delta Junction, 153 miles north of Glennallen on the Richardson, works closely with Cross Road Medical Center. 

Cross Road provides a clinic – the Interior Alaska Medical Clinic – to the people of Delta, as well as Cross Road Medical Center in Glennallen to the people of the Copper Valley. 

A February 2nd story in the Delta Wind,  titled "Non-profit tackles EMS issue" explained that on January 18th a new non-profit, Rural Alaska Emergency Services, was incorporated. Its purpose was to find EMS services for both communities, the Delta Wind reported. 

The board of "incorporators and directors" includes Steve Gallagher (Cross Road's CEO), Lindsay Pinkelman (a Delta Junction counselor), Vadim Sinenko, Dale Varra (Chief Information Officer at Cross Road) and Mark Zastavskly, according to the Delta Wind. 

Cross Road currently contracts with Delta Medical Transport to provide local ambulance services in the Copper Valley. In Delta, the city contracts with Delta Medical Transport for ambulance services there. 

There have been rumblings since Cross Road entered into the out-of-region ambulance contract that we should expect problems in continuity of ambulance service, and that time has apparently come.

Gallagher told the Delta Wind: "On July 1, Cross Road is out of contract with DMT (Delta Transport) and so is the city of Delta." 

The Delta Wind reported that the newly incorporated non-profit, Rural Alaska Emergency Services, had solicited bids for service and had apparently gotten some sort of interest from Delta Transport, Guardian Flight, Alaska Medical Transport and Life Med at the beginning of February. 

According to the Delta Wind, the city pays $138,000 quarterly for EMS services. 



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