Nobody Steps Up To Claim Their UFOs: Government Thinks 3 Smaller Craft Probably Tied To Research

USGS Photo Of Polar Bear On Sea Ice, As Taken From A Drone.  No Scientific Or Commercial Organizations Have Stepped Up Publicly To Admit The...

USGS Photo Of Polar Bear On Sea Ice, As Taken From A Drone. 

No Scientific Or Commercial Organizations Have Stepped Up Publicly To Admit Their Research Craft Were Gunned Down  

U.S. suspends search for objects shot down in Alaska, Yukon and Michigan-Canada border at Lake Huron, citing impossibility of finding any material. 

Thursday, February 16th, 2023
Less than a week after the first of three "smaller" unidentified flying "objects" were gunned down by Sidewinder missiles by the U.S. Air Force, the White House and U.S. military say they believe these last objects were "most likely balloons tied to private companies, recreation or research institutions" for scientific research or weather reasons. 

Due to enormous difficulties of wilderness searches in all three locations, not much has been recovered. But President Joe Biden said the government will be finding ways to study how to monitor the growing number of objects put into the sky. 

In Alaska, despite the isolation and small number of residents and organizations that might possibly have launched a balloon, drone, or other craft near Prudhoe in the dead of winter, there seems to be nobody coming forward to claim it as their own. The incident has become a national security issue. 

The last three objects – on the Slope, in the Yukon, and at Lake Huron – were much smaller than the huge Chinese "spy balloon" which was gunned down off the East Coast in U.S. waters.

Researching the web this week, the Country Journal found photographs of launchings of at least four different types of droned aircraft for a scientific study less than 50 miles from Prudhoe Bay in 2013. The portion of the study that was near Prudhoe has apparently ceased, but there are apparently still facilities in Barrow. 

A NOAA worker told the Journal this week that the Alaska UFO couldn't have been a NOAA balloon, because it was too far from the current NOAA weather balloon launching site. 




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