Lorrie Miner of Gakona

  September 8, 1959 - November 11, 2023 Lorraine (Lorrie) Kingsbury Miner, age 64 of Gakona, Alaska passed away unexpectedly on November 11,...


September 8, 1959 - November 11, 2023

Lorraine (Lorrie) Kingsbury Miner, age 64 of Gakona, Alaska passed away unexpectedly on November 11, 2023 in Anchorage, Alaska. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts on September 8, 1959 to John & Gertrude (Laskey) Kingsbury.

Lorrie gained her famous accent from a mixed geographical upbringing between Nahant, MA and Kennebunk, ME. She spent her youth with her brother, lovingly referred to as Jack or Jackie. She would fondly remember the days where he gifted her board games they already owned and the comfort of running to touch pinkies through the school fences. She had strong bonds with both her father, Big Gun, and her mother, Trudy and cherished memories of sailing, Belfast, and time together.

After graduating from Kennebunk High School she attended the University of Maine, Farmington where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Special and Elementary Education. Six years later she earned her Master of Science in Education in Exceptionality from the University of Southern Maine. Lorrie was a dedicated teacher for 41 years and influenced countless lives during her time as an educator. 

It was in Maine that she met her husband Ed, and her two daughters, Emily and Rachel. They quickly fell in love and were married on November 29, 2002. She took on the role of becoming a mother without hesitation and loved her family unconditionally. Eddie and Lorrie were truly two parts of one whole. On their wedding day they surprised one another by gifting each other the same present – a jackalope – both of which are proudly displayed at their home in Gakona. Their love was authentic, sincere, and strong. She was an amazing Grandmere, loving her granddaughters deeply and spoiling them at every opportunity. 

As an individual Lorrie breathed life into everywhere she went. Her smile was bright and warm, her laugh so contagious and memorable. When she was out with her family people would often approach saying they knew she was present from her beautiful laugh. She was fun and creative, able to turn the most mundane activity into an enjoyable one. Lorrie was an incredibly talented crafter, she could do just about anything. Lorrie was a truly beautiful person, inside and out. She had the habit of making everyone feel welcomed and special. This came in handy when she was running the tasting room of the brewery she and Ed owned, Gakona Brewing. Lorrie’s kindness and humor spread to every guest. Her legacy lies within all of the hearts she’s touched over the years.  

She is survived by her husband, Edmond Miner, of Gakona, Alaska, daughters, Emily Wasser of Spring Hill, TN, Rachel (Dominick) Eubank of Wasilla, AK, and granddaughters, Caroline Wasser, MacKenna Wasser, Lauren Eubank, and brother John Kingsbury Jr., of Philadelphia, PA. She was preceded in death by her parents,  John (Big Gun) & Trudy Kingsbury. Funeral services were held at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 22 at the Basilica of Our Mother of Perpetual Help “Mission Church” in Boston, MA. In lieu of flowers, the family is asking that donations be made to the ALS Foundation.


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