Woman Mauled In Copper Center By Bear With Cub, Treated & Released

Location Of The Bears At This Time Is Unknown, Troopers Say  ...They're Somewhere Near Copper Center   An unidentified woman was mauled ...

Location Of The Bears At This Time Is Unknown, Troopers Say 

...They're Somewhere Near Copper Center  

An unidentified woman was mauled by a bear with a cub while walking near Copper Center. The incident happened on Saturday, September 18th on the Old Richardson Highway. 

The Old Richardson runs along the Copper River and leads to the site of the shuttered Copper River Cash Store and the current Copper Center Post Office.

The fact that there even was a mauling recently in Copper Center emerged incidentally. 

The only reason you'd know it had happened at all was by closely reading a September 20th DUI report, which casually mentioned the mauling in passing. The DUI report started: 
On 09/18/2021 at approximately 1647 hours, Village Public Safety Officers were patrolling the Copper Center area following a bear mauling...
Bear maulings have become increasingly common this summer, both in the Copper Valley and in Alaska. The Country Journal called Gretchen Weiss-Brooks, Information Officer of  the state's Department of Public Safety, for more information about the Copper Center mauling.

She researched the incident and wrote the following note directly to the Copper River Country Journal: 
“On 9/18/21 Troopers were notified of a bear mauling in the Copper Center area. A woman was walking on a side-road of the Old Richardson Hwy when she came upon a sow and cub. The sow attacked and the victim was transported to Glennallen for treatment. She was treated for her injuries and released. It is unknown if the attacking bear was a grizzly or cinnamon phase black bear. The Glennallen ADF&G biologist was notified of the incident. The location of the bears at this time is unknown.”
As of September 21st, there was still no official report of the incident on the Trooper site on the web. Both the Glennallen Fish & Game and Trooper offices told the Journal they had nothing to say about the mauling. 


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