Man Who Shot Hunting Companion Near Chicken Charged With Manslaughter, Troopers Say

A 74-year old Vietnam veteran who once worked for Municipal Light & Power died after being shot on a hunting trip near Chicken, north of...

A 74-year old Vietnam veteran who once worked for Municipal Light & Power died after being shot on a hunting trip near Chicken, north of the Alcan. A week after his September 11th death, one of his hunting partners, a Hope area tow truck owner, was arrested and charged with his homicide. Troopers said that the man, Robert Geller, had been cautioned by someone else who was hunting with them that Michael Easley wasn't in camp, and not to shoot. When Geller used his weapon anyway,  he killed his fellow hunter, Troopers said. 

Hope Man Charged With Negligent Homicide

Update 9/21: On September 21, 2021, 42-year-old Hope resident Robert Geller was arrested for Manslaughter and the Criminally Negligent Homicide of Michael Easley. After a thorough investigation, Troopers determined that Geller shot at Easley despite having no clear picture of what he was shooting at and after being told by another member of the hunting party that Easley was not at the camp and that he shouldn’t shoot. Geller was arrested at his Hope residence and was remanded to the Anchorage Correctional Complex.


U.S. Army Sent UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter From Fort Wainwright To Try To Help Hunter Off Taylor Highway 

Location: Tok
Type: Search & Rescue/Death Investigation

Dispatch Text:
On 9/11/21, at approximately 2119 hours, the Alaska State Troopers were notified of an SOS activation from a satellite communication device with a message stating someone had been shot and they were approximately 8.5 miles off the Taylor Highway, near Chicken, Alaska. 

The Alaska Air National Guard Rescue Coordination Center (AKARCC) was notified. The U.S. Army Alaska's 1st Battalion, 52nd General Support Aviation Battalion, was notified by the AKARCC and utilized a UH-60 Blackhawk to locate and transport the hunter to Ft. Wainwright. 

He was then transported to a Fairbanks area hospital where he was pronounced deceased. 

Initial investigation by Alaska State Troopers revealed that Michael Easley, age 74 of Wasilla, had been shot while on a moose hunting trip. Next of kin has been notified. Investigation by Alaska State Troopers is on-going.


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