Troopers: Child Killed When Falls Off Pickup Tailgate While Hauling Wood Near Tanacross

Tragic Incident Took Place At Mile 1294 Alcan Hwy  Location:   Mile 1294 Alaska Highway Type:   Death Investigation Dispatch Text: On Septem...

Tragic Incident Took Place At Mile 1294 Alcan Hwy 

Location: Mile 1294 Alaska Highway
Type: Death Investigation

Dispatch Text:
On September 6, 2021, at approximately 1839 hours, the Alaska State Troopers were notified that a child had been run over by a vehicle on a trail near mile 1294 of the Alaska Highway. Based on a preliminary investigation it was determined that an adult male was driving around looking for firewood with five children; the children were seated on the tailgate of a pickup truck. 

One of the children fell off of the truck and was run over by the vehicle. The adult male attempted to drive the child to a clinic in Tok, however, the child succumbed to their injuries prior to arrival. Next of kin were on scene, and the child’s body is being sent to the State Medical Examiner in Anchorage.  


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