CRNA Talks About What They're Doing Now With The Omicron Virus

The Copper River Native Association Describes Its Services   January 3rd, 2021 If somebody thinks they have Covid, what do they do. How do y...

The Copper River Native Association Describes Its Services  

January 3rd, 2021

  • If somebody thinks they have Covid, what do they do. How do you interact with them? 
    • We encourage individuals to call us at 907-822-5241 so they can speak to our staff about their specific situation and concerns. Our staff will be able to offer appropriate advice and treatment as needed.
    • Individuals with non-urgent or non-emergency situations are encourage to visit our website where they can register to be contacted about testing, vaccines, and anti-body treatment.


  • Will you accept them and look at them in Tazlina? On that day? How would that occur and where? If not, what then? 
    • Almost all cases are handled at out Primary Care clinic in Robert Marshall Building in a timely manner. Timeliness and necessity of appointments are case dependent. It’s important that individuals call to speak with Primary Care if their situation is not an emergency.


  • Will you test them immediately or give them access to some kind of test?
    • This is case dependent, most symptomatic individuals end up getting tested as part of standard procedure. We offer testing for sick or exposed individuals as best we can. Individuals with questions about testing or treatment can visit our website and register to be contacted, or can call to speak with our primary care department.


  • Can they have monoclonals from CRNA? It seems as if you can’t if you’ve been vaccinated? But you can if you haven’t? 
    • We do offer antibody treatment. Individuals with questions about this can use the form on our website or call primary care to discuss their specific situation.


  • If they are very sick will you help them get on a plane to Anchorage?
    • We provide medical evacuation transportation in emergent scenarios during our regular working hours, these usually arise from emergency dispatch calls via 911. Anyone with a medical emergency should call 911.


  • After hours and weekends: Can you clarify what’s available at CRNA for those who have Covid
    • We currently do not offer on-site services outside of our regular work hours. Anyone with an afterhours emergency should call 911. Anyone with non-emergency issues can call our after hours nurse line for over the phone advice (same number as our mainline after hours)
    • Our hours are on the main page of our website in the Contact section.



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