Moose Are Getting Cranky & Mean Due To Deep Snow, Wildlife Troopers Warn

Moose Are Becoming Aggressive, Standing Their Ground, & Generally "Acting Up" In Interior Alaska  Snow & Ice Pushing Grum...

Moose Are Becoming Aggressive, Standing Their Ground, & Generally "Acting Up" In Interior Alaska 

Snow & Ice Pushing
Grumpy Moose Onto Our Trails & Roads 

Average Male Moose Weighs 1,400 Lbs. & Stands 7 Feet At The Shoulder 
A Message From Wildlife Troopers 
January 20, 2022

The Alaska Wildlife Troopers in Fairbanks have recently responded to numerous incidents involving aggressive moose across Interior Alaska. The snow and rain that accumulated in late December has created conditions that are very challenging for moose. As a result of these conditions, moose are highly stressed and have been acting more aggressively than is normal. Alaskans should expect to encounter moose more frequently on roadways, plowed roads, packed snowmobile trails, and foot trails. Expect that moose will be less willing to leave the trails when people attempt to pass and may stand their ground or attack when confronted. 

Additionally, moose may act aggressively toward loose dogs which can lead to an attack on the dog’s owner. It is unlawful for dogs to chase, harass or attack moose. Do not provide food such as hay or straw to the moose since it will give them incentive to return to your area and it is unlawful to feed wild game animals. Moose that are not willing to leave or are acting aggressively are very dangerous and should not be confronted. Loud noises or motions meant to scare a moose away may elicit an attack from a moose that is acting aggressively. If you wish to report an aggressive animal please contact the Alaska Wildlife Troopers at (907) 451-5100 or the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at (907) 459-7200.


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