BLM Looking At Land Exchange With Chugach Alaska At Valdez-Copper Valley Border

  BLM  Wants To Make Land Available For Potential Exchange Near Thompson Pass   Bureau Of Land Management Looking At "Two Parcels Of La...

 BLM Wants To Make Land Available For Potential Exchange Near Thompson Pass  

Bureau Of Land Management Looking At "Two Parcels Of Land" in Thompson Pass For Land Exchange 

Worthington Glacier in Thompson Pass – which is not under consideration for exchange. It belongs to the State of Alaska.  (Photo, Country Journal) 

At End of January, BLM wrote:  

GLENNALLEN, Alaska – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued a decision today on an environmental assessment and finding of nsignificant impact for aamendment to the East Alaska Resource Management Plan of 2007 that analyzed the impacts of potentially making lands near Thompson Pass in the vicinity of Valdez, Alaska, available for exchange.  
BLM has selected Alternative 2, which makes two parcels of land in Thompson Pass area available for a potential land exchange: sections 5 and 6, Township 9 South, Range 2 West, Copper River Meridian, Alaska. Each section is 640 acres, for a total of approximately 1,280 acres. BLM also considered Alternative 1, a No Action Alternative, and Alternative 3, which would make available only one parcel, section 5, available for potential exchange. These two sections are currently selected by the State of Alaska for potential conveyance. However, the State has provided a conditional relinquishment if these parcels are exchanged with Chugach Alaska Corporation. 

The John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act required BLM to identify “accessible and economically viable Federal land” within the Chugach Region that could be recommended to Congress for exchange options with Chugach Alaska Corporation.   


As the report for Congress is prepared, the agency is also conducting the environmental analysis in advance of the potential exchanges. The BLM manages relatively few lands in the Chugach Region and most of those lands are within the East Alaska planning area. Since the current management plan does not identify any lands available for exchange, the Federal Lands Policy Management Act requires BLM to amend the plan to allow for a potential exchange. 

The environmental assessment and finding of nsignificant impact was available for 30-day protest period before a decision record was signed. The decision is posted on the BLM’s National Environmental Policy Act Register at 



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