Delta Medical Transport: Copper Valley Ambulance Services Not Affected By Delta Issues

Delta Medical Transport Ambulance Service To Continue On Sound Basis In Valley  Delta Medical Transport ambulance in 2020 4th of July Parade...

Delta Medical Transport Ambulance Service To Continue On Sound Basis In Valley 

Delta Medical Transport ambulance in 2020 4th of July Parade. (Photo, Country Journal) 

Owner Says Issues in Delta Junction Do Not Affect Copper Valley 

Delta Junction lies on the northern border of the Copper Valley, on the Richardson Highway. 

Its ambulance service, Delta Medical Transport, serves not just Delta Junction but the Copper River region. In the Copper Valley, the ambulances are kept next to Cross Road Medical Center. 

On February 3rd, the Delta Wind, a news source in Delta Junction, printed a story about the Delta Medical Services' financial situation. The story implied that ambulance coverage in Delta Junction was in danger of ceasing. 

On February 6th, the Copper River Country Journal wrote to Cross Road Medical Center, CRNA, fire department representatives in the Copper Valley, and the Delta Medical Transport in Delta Junction. 

The Journal copied the Delta Wind story and asked for clarification on what is happening in the Copper Valley at this time with ambulance service through Delta Medical Transport. 

Anthony White, owner and operator of Delta Medical Transport wrote back immediately with encouraging information about the Copper Valley. He said that the Copper Valley region was "not in jeopardy." He also said that all finances for the company are kept separate. 

In the following letter, there is a reference to "ALS services."  ALS means "Advanced Life Support." 


Letter from Delta Medical Transport to Country Journal
Sunday, February 6th, 2022 

Thank you very much for addressing these concerns with us.

I would like to assure you that the issues stated in the article deal solely with our operations in Delta Junction. We at Delta Medical Transport have worked very hard to insure that all financials within our organization stay independent and are utilized to provide services for the community in which we are contracted. 

The issues in Delta Junction do not, and will not affect our abilities to provide ALS services in the Copper River Valley. 

We are committed to provide all of our contractors, and communities that we serve, the very best services and medical providers that we can, regardless of their location. Our contractors and communities will always be view(ed) as independent entities.

To answer your question, the EMS services in the Copper River Valley, that are (contracted) by Cross Road Health Ministries and provided by Delta Medical Transport are not in jeopardy, or under threat of changing, and we look forward to continue to serve the residents and visitors of the Copper River Valley. 

Again, thank you for reaching out to us. Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns that you might have.

Anthony White
Delta Medical Transport 


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