Plane That Left Glennallen On Sunday Headed To Ketchikan May Have Wrecked Near Cape Yakataga

Poor Weather Hindered Search; Plane Originally Listed As "Overdue"  Archive photo of Glennallen's Gulkana Airport (Country Jou...

Poor Weather Hindered Search; Plane Originally Listed As "Overdue" 

Archive photo of Glennallen's Gulkana Airport (Country Journal) 
National Park Helping Coordinate Search For Survivors 

Location: Near Cape Yakataga

Type: SAR/Overdue Aircraft

Dispatch Text:

Update 8/29: On August 28, 2023, at around 8:00 pm, a US Coast Guard aircraft located airplane wreckage in the search area but was not able to make a positive identification. The RCC, US Coast Guard, and Wrangell St. Elias National Park are coordinating an operation at the remote location to identify the wreckage and determine if there are any survivors. The NTSB has been notified. 

Original: On August 27, 2023, at 12:15 pm, the Alaska Wildlife Troopers were notified by the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) of an overdue aircraft that departed the Glennallen area at 8:50 am, on August 27, enroute to Ketchikan. 

The overdue aircraft was determined to be a Beechcraft Bonanza believed to be carrying two people. It was reported that the last known communication with the aircraft was approximately 18 miles inland of Cape Yakataga. The RCC is managing search efforts currently. An Alaska Air National Guard HC-130 launched this morning to search the area. Poor weather has prevented other aviation assets from searching the area. Troopers contacted next of kin for the two occupants advising them of the overdue aircraft. Search efforts are ongoing.  

Posted on 8/28/2023 1:11:47 PM by DPS\tjdespain . Edited on 8/29/2023 10:50:04 AM by DPS\ajmcdaniel


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