Four Illegal Moose Shot Last September Near Eureka: Major Wanton Waste Investigation

Two Anchorage Residents Charged In Extensive Investigation Involving 4 Dead Moose  September hunters at Eureka Summit. (Photo by Country Jou...

Two Anchorage Residents Charged In Extensive Investigation Involving 4 Dead Moose 

September hunters at Eureka Summit. (Photo by Country Journal) 

Location: Eureka

Type: Wildlife Investigation

Dispatch Text:

On September 7, 2023, the Alaska Wildlife Troopers received a report that multiple moose had been shot and left to waste near Sanona Creek north of Eureka, Alaska. Troopers responded to the area via a DPS helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft and located four sublegal moose that had been shot and left to waste. Over the course of several months, Wildlife Troopers conducted an exhaustive investigation, including the execution of multiple search warrants and interviews with suspects and witnesses. As a result of the investigation, Troopers charged 41-year-old Anchorage resident Kong Vang and 36-year-old Anchorage resident Koua Vang on April 19, 2024, with unlawfully taking a sub-legal bull moose and wanton waste of a big game animal. 

Wildlife Troopers additionally seized several firearms, ammunition, and a six-wheeled side-by-side Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) as part of the investigation. The investigation is ongoing, and additional criminal charges may be filed. The Alaska Wildlife Troopers would like to thank the Alaska State Troopers, Alaska Bureau of Investigation, Anchorage Police Department, and Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Lab for their assistance with the investigation.

The illegal taking of big game animals can result in thousands of dollars in fines, the forfeiture of equipment and vehicles used in the commission of the crime, loss of hunting privileges, and mandatory jail time. The Alaska Wildlife Troopers aggressively investigate allegations of wanton waste of big game animals across the state. If you are hunting and unintentionally take a sublegal animal, you are encouraged to report it to the Alaska Wildlife Troopers as soon as possible and salvage the animal – fines for self-reporting violations are significantly lower than those resulting from investigations. If you have information about the violation of Alaska’s hunting and fishing laws, you can report it directly to your nearest Alaska Wildlife Trooper office or anonymously through Alaska Fish and Wildlife Safeguard by calling 1 (800) 478-3377.

Posted on 4/29/2024 12:47:33 PM by DPS\ajmcdaniel


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