Delta Ambulance Service In Copper Valley Stops Soon

LESS THAN 3 MONTHS LEFT    Delta Medical Ambulance at 4th of July. (Photo, Country Journal)  Delta Medical Transport Confirms...  Ambulance ...


Delta Medical Ambulance at 4th of July. (Photo, Country Journal) 

Delta Medical Transport Confirms...

 Ambulance Contract With Cross Road Medical Center Ends June 30th, 2023 

Delta Medical Transport of Delta Junction, which provides ambulance service in the Copper Valley through Cross Road Medical Center, has confirmed to the Country Journal that its contract in our region ends on June 30th, 2023.

The announcement (which was foreshadowed for at least a year in statements by the ambulance company to the public) would place the Copper Valley in a precarious position. 

Not only would there be no after-hours or weekend medical care at either Cross Road or CRNA, but the safety net of fast-responding emergency personnel, provided by the Delta-based ambulance service out of Glennallen, would also disappear. 

Local people would have to get all medical care after hours and on weekends by driving to hospitals in either Valdez or Mat-Su. 

The Delta-based company provided 24-hour service for a number of years. 


In a letter responding to a recent request for information, Amber White, Business Manager of Delta Medical Transport in Delta Junction, confirmed much of what had already been written by the Delta Wind, a Delta Junction newspaper. The Country Journal reported on Delta Wind's story.

On Thursday, March 9th, Delta Medical Transport wrote to the Journal: The Copper Valley, DMT's contract with Crossroads Medical Center is up on June 30th, 2023. The contingency plan for continued professional EMS services in that area rests on Rural Alaska Emergency Medical Services.

 They are a new non-profit organization that started up in response to the need for rural EMS services in Alaska. They have been working diligently to secure funding for services both in your area and in Delta's area. They also put out a Request for Proposal statewide to all qualified agencies to provide services. It is our hope that this avenue will produce a sustainable EMS system for all communities in need.


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