Assaults, Severe Injuries, Drugs, Alcohol & Firearms: Juveniles & Young Adults At Campground

Troopers Looking For Information & Crime Stoppers Tips On Mayhem At Palmer Campground  Location:   Palmer  Type:  Assault  Dispatch Text...

Troopers Looking For Information & Crime Stoppers Tips On Mayhem At Palmer Campground 

Location: Palmer 

Type: Assault 

Dispatch Text: 

On 7/30/2022, at approximately 0600 hours, AST responded to the Jim Creek Campground in Palmer for a significant disturbance involving juveniles and young adults. Investigation revealed that two males were severely assaulted by a group of individuals, each receiving significant injuries, and were transported to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center. 

Based on information gathered from witnesses, AST conducted a traffic stop on a white SUV on the Old Glenn Highway, occupied by five individuals who witnesses positively identified at the campground as members of the group. The investigation is still ongoing. Anyone with photos, videos, or information regarding the events at Jim Creek from the camp is strongly encouraged to contact the Alaska State Troopers by calling MATCOM at 907-352-5401 or submitting anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers at 907-745-3333.

Throughout the summer, AST has consistently responded to large gatherings in the overnight hours, which routinely escalate into active assaults and disturbances at the Jim Creek Campground and the neighboring public use recreational areas. 

Investigations reveal that amidst rampant alcohol and marijuana use at the campground by these juveniles and young adults, Anchorage residents have been contacted with firearms, using them in a manner which is dangerous and reckless. AST has great concern for the health and well-being of the youth of our community. Parents and guardians should strongly caution their dependents from attending these overnight gatherings.


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