Delta Medical Transport Ambulance Owners Discuss Service In Copper Valley.

  AFTER HOURS MEDICAL CARE     As Delta Medical Transport Continues To Provide Ambulance Services Out Of Glennallen...  ...Company Asks Loca...



 As Delta Medical Transport Continues To Provide Ambulance Services Out Of Glennallen... 

...Company Asks Local People In Both Delta & Copper Valley To Plan Ahead To The Future 

Delta Medical Transport Ambulance (Photo from their website) 

This September, the Copper River Country Journal asked Amber and Anthony White of Delta Junction to comment on their ambulance service in Glennallen. (This was before Cross Road Medical Center announced that on September 21st, 2022 after-hours care would terminate at the medical center.)

Delta Medical Transport wrote back:

Thanks for reaching out! Delta Medical Transport (DMT) is still contracted with Cross Roads Health Ministries (CRHM) to provide ALS 911 services. Our contract with CRHM is independent and stand-alone from our operation in Delta. CRHM has done an amazing job of ensuring that our service stays in place to support the citizens of the Copper River Valley and we at DMT are dedicated to continue to provide the best services and patient care that we can for as long as we can.

My wife, Amber, and I are dedicated to finding a way for Alaska's rural communities to have sustainable and reliable Advanced Life Support (ALS) 911 Emergency Medical Services. Our mission for the last 10 years has been to find a way to bring a higher level of service (ALS) to our rural areas. It's been hard at so many levels, but together we've done it and the struggles have been worth it to see the benefit in our communities.

Now, we are looking to the future to make these services sustainable. Our communities are growing and becoming more aware of the importance of quality life-saving pre-hospital care. 

The medical needs of our communities are growing and we want to ensure that our friends and families have someone qualified and proficient to call in an emergency now and 20+ years down the road. 

This requires the communities to have a sustainable plan in place to provide trained, licensed, professionals, and the equipment required to provide such services. It goes beyond DMT. It comes down to the communities recognizing the need and deciding what they want and how to get there. 

That is why in January of 2022 we started having conversations with the City of Delta, our State Reps and other local authorities in the communities we serve to make them aware of the growing demands and rising costs of services and ask that they start looking to the future and participate in finding solutions to support a sustainable EMS plan for our communities. We hope to be part of the process in finding solutions for all of the Alaskan communities that are asking for and seeking sustainable infrastructure and services.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Anthony White


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