Starting September 21st, Cross Road Will Not Have After Hours Urgent Care

CROSS ROAD STOPS ITS AFTER HOURS CARE   Will Be Open Only During Office Hours, 5 Days A Week   Dial 911 For Delta Ambulance  September 21st,...


Will Be Open Only During Office Hours, 5 Days A Week  
Dial 911 For Delta Ambulance 

September 21st, 2022:
Cross Road Medical Center announced in September that it will not be taking care of any after hour emergencies, and that Delta Medical Transport in Glennallen or Copper River EMS in Kenny Lake will be handling after hour emergencies. You will have to call 911 to reach them, said Steve Gallagher of Cross Road. He also urged local people to sign up for membership in both LifeMed and Guardian to "help defray costs of emergency flights."

Delta Medical Transport & Copper River EMS Will Provide Urgent Care Ambulance Services, Says Cross Road  


Cross Road Medical Center Seasons Change – Urgent Care at Cross Road
The vibrant colors recently visible in our area are evidence that the season is rapidly changing from summer to autumn and remind us that change is often inevitable. Cross Road Medical Center is also experiencing change which will affect how after hours urgent care and emergencies are managed in our communities.

What Is Changing
As of close of business on September 21, 2022, Cross Road Medical Center will no longer have any staff available for after hours urgent care or emergencies. This does not mean that the people in the Copper River Basin will have no care available. Cross Road Medical Center has worked diligently to ensure the community will have access to urgent or emergency care. Community members experiencing an urgent or emergent situation should call 911 to access emergency services through Delta Medical Transport or Copper River EMS.

What Is Not Changing
Cross Road Medical Center (CRMC) is still a Christian ministry showing the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our mission has not changed. Although the perception of some community members is that Cross Road Medical Center is staffed with supported missionaries, the reality is that Cross Road Medical Center pays its employees. We will continue to recruit qualified, caring medical staff to provide quality healthcare to our community members Monday through Friday during regular business hours. During our regular business hours, we will continue to offer both primary care and urgent care services.
CRMC’s regular business hours will remain 9 am – 5:30 pm Mondays-Wednesdays and Fridays; 9 am – 6:30 pm Thursdays.
Additionally, Delta Medical Transport (DMT) will continue to provide fast and capable service to the members of our communities. Over the last 3 years, Cross Road Health Ministries, Inc. has provided the primary EMS services in the Copper River Basin through DMT. DMT’s staff are trained with life-saving skills that are, in some cases, at the same level or higher than medical providers in our area, meaning that they will still be able to provide high level of care for urgent and emergent care needs. Community members may even experience a decrease in the transfer time to a larger and better equipped medical facility for a higher level of care outside of the area. As always, we encourage community members to look into LifeMed Alaska Membership or Guardian’s AirMedCare Network Membership to help defray costs of emergency flights.

What You Can Do
As members of the Copper River Basin community ourselves, we encourage all community members to take care of their health. This includes making healthy life choices and continuing to have regular screening exams. We also encourage you to show support for your local medical providers who choose to work in our area and provide our community with medical services. Pray for them, share kind words of encouragement or consider volunteering. Our prayer is that the change to remove the afterhours urgent care responsibilities from our staff will result in positive changes for the community like more stability amongst our providers and better continuity of care for our community. CRMC is also looking at the possibility of future specialty clinics to be held on Saturdays. Finally, we encourage you to embrace changes. Just as we sometimes lament the change from summer to autumn, we grieve changes that seem negative in our lives, but remember that they can also have positive impacts.
**If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Steve Gallagher at (907) 822-5686 ext. 107. Please note that we do not monitor our Facebook over the weekend so any questions left during this time will not be addressed until Monday.**


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