Dress Codes Come Up As A Topic At Glennallen School

Misunderstandings At GHS Over Dress Codes  Back in the day, "dress codes" were far more stringent than they are today. And far sim...

Misunderstandings At GHS Over Dress Codes 

Back in the day, "dress codes" were far more stringent than they are today. And far simpler to interpret. For example, most girls had to wear skirts or dresses to school. At many schools nobody could wear blue jeans – not even the boys. 

Today, dress codes are more complicated. Recently, Glennallen School and students had a discussion about dress codes. 

The school district sent out a message on Wednesday, September 28th, 2022: 

Good Afternoon,

Today our high school female students were engaged in a conversation which addressed the school's dress code with our female teaching staff.

Unfortunately, the message that was delivered to the students was received in a much different context than how it was intended. The intent of the meeting was to talk to the ladies about respect for themselves and having positive self-worth without having to stress disciplinary measures for continual disregard for the student handbook protocals. 

As a result, the female students communicated their perception of the conversation with the male students.

As you can imagine, this impacted their view on the student dress code. 

Mr. Williams will be joining the female staff in re-addressing the topic with the ladies, with the intent of having a much more productive outcome.

Your son/daughter may bring up this conversation at home. Mr. Williams will meet with the male students, with a day and time to be determined. 

Glennallen School staff will be working diligently to resolve the misconceptions. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone. 

A Look At The District Dress Code 
The Copper River School District dress code is shown below: 

Dress Codes From Other Random U.S. Schools 
Here are dress codes from several schools in other states:  


Schools 6607301093926754304

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