Blocked By High Creek Waters Off Denali Highway, 3 Hunters Rescued By Chopper

Rescue Took Place Near ATV Trail At Canyon Creek, Mile 94 Denali Highway  Type:   Search and Rescue Location:  Denali Highway  Dispatch Text...

Rescue Took Place Near ATV Trail At Canyon Creek, Mile 94 Denali Highway 

Type: Search and Rescue
Location: Denali Highway 

Dispatch Text:

On 9-22-22, at approximately 0800 hours, Alaska State Troopers/Alaska Wildlife Troopers worked together on a search and rescue near mile 94 of the Denali Highway.  

Three males Karl Moe, age 66, Phillip Simon, age 61, and Halarion Timmers  age 50, had been hunting for two weeks and when they started their return to their vehicles, Canyon Creek was not passable due to the high water.  They attempted for three days to cross but could not get across.  

Denali Highway (Google Maps/Country Journal) 

They had run out of heat, food and their possessions were wet.  DPS HELO 3 was launched from Anchorage and able to gather the three up and safely take them to the vehicles.  They required no further assistance.  


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