Herman Schliesing. Founder of Service Oil & Gas, Dies At 79 Years Old

Herman Schliesing, Longtime Glennallen Resident & Businessman  Herman Schliesing, who provided fuel in the Copper Valley dating back to ...

Herman Schliesing, Longtime Glennallen Resident & Businessman 

Herman Schliesing, who provided fuel in the Copper Valley dating back to the years of Pipeline construction, died Saturday, October 9th, 2021.  

An active local community member along with his wife, Myra, Herman was well known among longtime residents. He was, at heart, a genuine entrepreneur, who loved to keep five pots boiling at once. He and his partner Dave Bruno and their families took over providing fuel to the region at their company, Service Oil & Gas, during the Pipeline years. They began a lifetime of strong involvement in the Copper Valley's development. 

Besides building Service Oil into a statewide company, Herman helped resurrect the old Hub gas station, which had  been run by Bob Stratton and had burned down. The Hub  was rebuilt from the ground up and has now become one of the state's busiest gas stations. 

There were few Copper Valley businesses and organizations that Herman Schliesing didn't influence. He was widely known for not being afraid to get his hands dirty and would pitch in to help out at a moment's notice.

He loved being involved in – and helping out with – community projects. Among other things, he was a founding member of the Copper Valley Chamber and he helped keep the organization afloat. For years he donated space for the Log Visitor Center and helped the Chamber move into its present location in the old Hub Maxi Mart.

A talented and multi-faceted businessman, Herman Schliesing had his hand in many companies.  According to the website "AllPeople," which lists companies and offices, they included Crowley Fuels and Service Oil and Gas in Palmer; Crowley Maritime Corporation and Service Oil & Gas in Glennallen; H&M Enterprises in Anchorage and Mendeltna; The Hub of Alaska in Glennallen... and as a registered agent for Jma Investments. 

Upon his death, KCAM wrote the following, which they shared for publication in the Copper River Country Journal:


GLENNALLEN - Long-time Glennallen businessman Herman Schliesing died this Saturday in Anchorage. Schliesing, who was 79, founded Service Oil and Gas in Glennallen in 1975. The company employed about 115 people when it was bought out by Crowley in 2005. Though he lived in Anchorage more recently, Schliesing had a great love for the people of the Copper River Valley. As his wife Myra said he loved serving this community, even recently mowing the Glennallen Cemetery.   Service Oil and Gas distributed petroleum products via the highway system between Anchorage, Valdez and Fairbanks. It had a large customer base, including local businesses and individuals as well as the aviation and marine industries. Schliesing built up a fleet of tank trucks and fuel distribution facilities throughout interior Alaska. Schliesing is survived by his wife, Myra, son Gary and daughter Lisa Howard, as well as six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. A graveside service for Mr. Schliesing will be held this Saturday, October 16th at 2 p-m in the Glennallen Cemetery, followed by a small reception at Glennallen School.  The family says there will be a celebration of  life service in Glennallen in early summer. 


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