What Covid Services Are Offered At CRNA & Cross Road Now?

Vaccines Have Run Out At Cross Road CRNA Giving Shots Only 3 Hours A Week  CRNA Photo, Organizational Website  There are no hospitals in the...

Vaccines Have Run Out At Cross Road
CRNA Giving Shots Only 3 Hours A Week 

CRNA Photo, Organizational Website 

There are no hospitals in the Copper Valley. Stop-gap medical services are provided by Cross Road Medical Center in Glennallen, Copper River Native Association in Tazlina – and by Chistochina.  Local response to the Covid-19 pandemic is increasingly complicated. The CRNA facility led the charge in early Covid testing and vaccines, but CRNA has apparently drastically reduced its outreach. CRNA is open 5 days a week.  

However, with Covid rampant in the region and schools right now, the need for testing and vaccines is as strong as ever. 

The Country Journal checked local services, as of October 29th, 2021. 


No Vaccines Available
Cross Road Medical Center has no vaccines in stock. The following is from an interview on October 29th, 2021 by the Journal:

"We don't have any vaccine at all and won't have any for a couple of weeks. We ran out," Cross Road said. "The state has not issued us any further ones," Jo Wood, of Cross Road, told the Journal. "I know that they have ordered them. I'm not sure they're coming in. We've been taking a list." She added, "I know that CRNA has some. They'll (serve) not just Natives but anyone." 


Vaccines Limited To 3 Hours A Week
The week of October 29th, 2021, CRNA announced that Covid-19 vaccinations will be limited, by appointment only, to 3 hours a week between 9 am and noon on Thursdays. (CRNA says it may do "pop up" clinics, but did not have a time or place yet.) 

Covid Testing 
CRNA will be conducting testing for Covid, but appointments are required. There are no walk-ins allowed. Not just anybody can get a test. According to the organization's website:
Currently we are only testing known exposures and those who are symptomatic.

Monoclonal Antibodies
When somebody actually does get Covid, monoclonals are a powerful way to try to fight back. 

CRNA provides monoclonal antibodies – but only to people who have chosen not to get vaccinated or are compromised.  The CRNA website says:
Individuals that are not fully vaccinated or who have immunocompromising conditions may qualify for treatment of Monoclonal Antibody Therapy.




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