Hunter Pleads Guilty In Glennallen To 2021 Wanton Waste Of Bull Moose

Game Management Unit 13 Incident Led To $3,500 In Fines & 7 Days In Jail  Location:   Glennallen  Type:  Wanton waste - conviction  Disp...

Game Management Unit 13 Incident Led To $3,500 In Fines & 7 Days In Jail 

Location: Glennallen 

Type: Wanton waste - conviction 

Dispatch Text: 

On 6/27/23, Chaneothone Sritiraj pled guilty in Glennallen Court to one charge of Wanton Waste of a big game animal.  

The charges stemmed from an investigation by the Alaska Wildlife Troopers into the unlawful take and subsequent wanton waste of a bull moose killed by the defendant in Game Management Unit 13 in 2021.  

As part of a plea agreement with the District Attorney's Officer, Sritiraj pled guilty to one count of Wanton Waste and was ordered to pay over $3500 in fines and restitution and sentenced to serve seven days in jail.


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