Ron Holmstrom, Who Ran Tiekel Lodge In the 1990s & Was A Volunteer Firefighter

 Ron Holmstrom Was A Professional Film Actor In Hollywood And Worked In Theater in Anchorage  Ron Holmstrom  He Was A Dedicated Local Commun...

 Ron Holmstrom Was A Professional Film Actor In Hollywood And Worked In Theater in Anchorage 

Ron Holmstrom 

He Was A Dedicated Local Community Volunteer When He Lived In The Copper Valley 

Ron Holmstrom, who was known in the Copper Valley for his community work in Tiekel -- where he promoted fire and medical service through his intense volunteer efforts -- has died. At one time, Ron ran the Tiekel River Lodge. 

Ron also worked extensively as a volunteer in the Copper Basin 300. Perhaps surprisingly, he was a character actor in several Hollywood movies and worked in community theater. 

The following is his obituary, as written by his family.

Ronald Orville Holmstrom

Dec 5, 1948 -Jan 21, 2023

Ronald Orville Holmstrom was born in Maywood, Calif., on Dec. 5, 1948, and passed away on Jan. 21, 2023. Our family moved to Seal Beach, Calif., in 1958, where Ronnie became involved in the local surfing world. His first surfboard, an original Rich Harbor longboard, hangs in Harbor's Surf Shop to this day. Ronnie attended the local elementary and intermediate schools in Seal Beach and Huntington Beach High School in Huntington Beach, where many of you will not be surprised to learn that he was voted "class clown" in his senior year.

Ronnie's interest in theater began at an early age, where at 4 years old, while out trick-or-treating, he asked our dad if he should go into his act while waiting to cross the street. Ronnie was very active in the Hollywood and Anchorage, Alaska, entertainment scenes for many years, acting and working on many movies and theater projects. 

His last role as the attorney for the notorious Anchorage serial killer, Robert Hansen, played by John Cusack in the movie, The Frozen Ground. Ronnie was especially proud to receive the Jerry Harper Service Award given each year at the Valdez Theater Conference.

He cherished his friendship with Jerry and Sandy Harper of Cyrano's Theater. Ronnie also served as the Managing Artistic Director of the Anchorage Community Theater; as a partner of Ric Davidge and Jan Welt of North Star Productions; and the entertainment reporter at Coastal Television-Your Alaska Link. Ronnie was the first representative in Alaska for the Screen Actor's Guild and served on the board of the Alaska Fine Arts Academy. Ronnie left Alaska to pursue acting opportunities in the Lower 48, and spent his last few years in Las Vegas, Nev.

Ronnie is survived by his brother, Richard Holmstrom of Tangle Lakes, Alaska; sister, Roberta Holmstrom Townes of Rochester, N.H.; two nephews; four nieces; four great-nephews; two great-nieces; and two great-great-nieces. He loved his family fiercely. He was preceded in death by his mother and father, Orville "Swede" Holmstrom and June Holmstrom.

Half of Ronnie's ashes were thrown off the Seal Beach pier at his surfing spot, with his remaining ashes to be spread at Tangle Lakes when the road opens. Ronnie is now off to another place, and you can be sure he'll always have his emergency clown nose handy for all occasions.


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