Small Town Of Anderson On The Parks Is "Set" To Evacuate Due To Late July Fires

  Multiple Fires Managed in the Anderson Complex  BY  ALASKA DIVISION OF FORESTRY & FIRE PROTECTION   on   JULY 29, 2023 EVACUATION STAT...


Multiple Fires Managed in the Anderson Complex 

EVACUATION STATUS: The City of Anderson and all residents that use any road west of the George Parks Highway between Milepost 270 and the Rex Bridge are in Evacuation Status SET. This means you need to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. For more information, see the Denali Borough website.

The Anderson Complex was established yesterday to manage multiple fires in the Anderson-Clear area. The complex includes the Teklanika River Fire (#257)Kobe Road Fire (#297), Birch Creek Fire (#285)Nenana River Fire (#288), and Nenana River 2 Fire (#289). Fires in the Complex are primarily burning in dense black spruce stands. Winds fed rapid fire growth on several of the fires within the complex.  

The Teklanika River Fire is the largest at approximately 2,356 acres. Aerial retardant drops and helicopter buckets were used to cool the fire edge as crews begin to arrive from other fires. The BLM Alaska Fire Service Midnight Suns Interagency Hot Shot Crew arrived yesterday and provided reconnaissance on the southern fires. Once boats were available and fire behavior allowed, they began mobilizing up the Teklanika River to protect structures. 

A plume of smoke raises above black spruce forest along a small river.
The Teklanika River Fire (#257) has grown to more than 2,300 acres. A change in the wind direction Friday afternoon has pushed the fire across the Teklanika River. Cody Cox/DOF

The Kobe Road Fire is close to the George Parks Highway. Initial attack efforts of aviation resources worked to slow its growth with water drops. The Birch Creek Fire is also currently small, but fast growing. Conditions on the ground are changing quickly and will be assessed today for appropriate action. The other two fires, Nenana River and Nenana River 2, are of less concern because they are wholly located within the 2022 Clear Fire burned area. At this time, those fires are not expected to cause damage, but they will contribute to put smoke in the air. 

Dense volatile fuels and extreme burning conditions make it difficult for firefighters to be effective working directly on the fire’s edge unless conditions moderate significantly. Structure protection is the current priority after public safety and the safety of firefighters. 

This is a satellite image map shows the location of the Teklanika River Fire evacuation areas of Anderson, Alaska.
The Anderson Complex includes the Teklanika River Fire (#257), Kobe Road Fire (#297), Birch Creek Fire (#285), Nenana River Fire (#288), and Nenana River 2 Fire (#289). Fires in the Complex are primarily burning in dense black spruce stands. The yellow highlighted areas mark the community of Anderson and those residents west of the Parks Highway placed in an Evacuation Status SET. This means you need to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. To download a pdf type file of this map, click here.


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