Copper Basin Lions Club Helps Hundreds Of People In Vietnam Get Eyeglasses

Thanks To The Copper Basin Lions & A  Kenny Lake Former Soldier,  People Will See Better In Vietnam  Report & Photos From Neil Hanna...

Thanks To The Copper Basin Lions & A Kenny Lake Former Soldier, People Will See Better In Vietnam 

Report & Photos From Neil Hannan of Kenny Lake 
January 23rd, 2024 

I anticipated that Monday would be a busy day and wasn't disappointed. I will divide the blog detailing our eyeglass program to make things easier to follow. This post will involve the 210 school kids that received their new glasses, while the next will focus on the 200 pairs of reading glasses provided by Copper River Basin Lions Club (Alaska). 

 Khanh picked me up at 7 AM, after which we worked our way through Hue traffic, into the countryside, and to Quang Phu and Huong Van Schools. At both locations, we were greeted warmly. 

On arrival at Quang Phu the ceremony preceding the school day was about to begin. Pretty impressive.

Then we set to work distributing 210 pairs of eyeglasses with Quang Phu in the morning and Huong Van in the afternoon. 

With the children waiting on their new glasses, there was no time wasted in getting started.  Dr. Trien, the optometrist, and his staff were set up and ready to go. As I handed each child his/her glasses, Dr. Trien would perform an eye-chart test to ensure that the lenses were accurate to the prescription.

If there was any doubt as to accuracy, Dr. Trien would perform another exam and, if necessary, have a new pair of glasses produced. I was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism and patience with the children.

This girl couldn't make it to the original screening and exams, so Dr. Trien's staff dropped everything to accommodate her. The little child is battling cancer and my heart went out to her. Her mother stands behind her.

The lady standing beside the little girl is an official in the Vietnam Women's Union, which represents and defends the legal and legitimate rights of women in Vietnam. Founded in 1930, the highest body of the union is the National Women's Congress. 

Between Quang Phu School in the morning and Huong Van School in the afternoon, a delicious lunch was enjoyed at Khanh's house.


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