UPDATE: Tolsona Family Devastated By Fire When Cabin Burns Down; People Have Donated Over $50,000

January 27, 2024  UPDATE  CLICK BELOW: –––––––––– Home, Pets & Belongings All Destroyed At Home Of Estrella Vargas Aranda And Todd Padde...

January 27, 2024 



Home, Pets & Belongings All Destroyed At Home Of Estrella Vargas Aranda And Todd Padden In Tolsona 

Daughter Has Organized GoFundMe 
Donations Still Being Gratefully Accepted  

By Alicia Perez Vargas 
January 22, 2024 

Estrella (my mom) and Todd’s pride and joy was their cabin in Tolsona, AK. They were living their dream life in their off-grid cabin that they worked so hard to make their home which was full of love and dreams.

A tragedy occurred when they were notified by a neighbor that their beloved home was burning down to ashes. They both rushed back from work as soon as they found out, but it was too late. By the time they arrived, their home, pets, and belongings were all gone. They lost everything they owned and their pets that were part of their family.

Todd and Estrella are loved and well known members of the Glennallen/Tolsona AK community. If you are able to, please consider donating to help them during this difficult time as they try to rebuild their home. They lost everything. Thank you."

To view the GoFundMe, please visit:


Community Info 1173230938063787740

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