Chamber Of Commerce Honors 5 Local Businesses

Copper Valley Businesses Honored For Their Efforts  By Greater Copper Valley Chamber Of Commerce    Old Town Copper Center Inn & Restaur...

Copper Valley Businesses Honored For Their Efforts 

By Greater Copper Valley Chamber Of Commerce  

Old Town Copper Center Inn & Restaurant – “Perseverance Award” 

Tom and Kim Huddleston have persevered through the good, the bad and the awful. They survived a devastating fire and kept things going with what they had. Through the recent downturn in our economy, Old Town Copper Center Inn and Restaurant is the only restaurant in the Valley that has stayed open year-round. You are in it because it is what you do. We commend you for your determination and the Valley is blessed by your efforts.

Tazlina River Trading Post – “Resilience Award” 

The Horrell family lost almost everything and just did not let it get them down. Nearly 2 years after the fire destroyed the historic Tazlina River Trading Post, it reopened with a new upgraded store. This was during a time when building material prices skyrocketed and inventory was nearly impossible to acquire. We commend and thank you for your resilience and hard work. The valley has a beautiful new store to make our lives a little better because of your effort.

Casa de la Arte – “Grand Craftmanship Award”

Naomi and Nigel Young have built a beautiful new store in downtown Glennallen. It has been inspiring to watch Nigel carefully cut, trim, and install each board. It has been a labor of love. Many people helped and prayed for your success, but it has been Naomi and Nigel sticking with it and keeping the standard of craftsmanship high that has brought the new facility to completion. The new “House of Art” provides an outlet for many local artists as well as a gathering place to share the joy of quality craftsmanship.

Copper River Subway  “Special Investment Award”

This award goes to another business that was built out of a labor of love. Ben and Stephanie Carlton have put everything they have into renovating the building, landscaping, plumbing, wiring, signs, and many other details. We have all been inspired by the effort of your family and friends to make this project a success. The Copper Basin has a beautiful place to share a delicious meal and many of our young people have found a place to work and learn business and life skills while earning some income. Your effort is truly a special investment in our community.

New to You - “Determination Award”

Heike Wilmoth has shown special determination with her business New to You. She has overcome personal challenges with a smile and has built a recycling wonder in our midst. With inflation creating hardship on all of us, her business provides a lower cost alternative for many needs and helps the planet by recycling goods. She helps many who need a hand when it seems it should be the other way around. Her warm smile and laugh are always enjoyable when looking through the impressive array of clothing, books, household goods video’s, candy and of course locally produced eggs, fruit, and vegetables. Her recent remodel to the store was another labor of love that seems impossible when you think about the challenges. It is completed and operational. It was done with rough cut lumber and logs and is a terrific addition to our community. We thank you for your determination to build such a wonderful business in our community.


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