Delta's Community Corp, Led By Pam Goode, Gave $70,000 In CARES Funds To Vitamins – And $4,000 To Emergency Care

Delta Junction Community Group Chose Vitamin D & Zinc Over Heart Monitors, Oxygen & Defibrillator  Their Decision On CARES Covid Fun...

Delta Junction Community Group Chose Vitamin D & Zinc Over Heart Monitors, Oxygen & Defibrillator 

Their Decision On CARES Covid Funds Based On Idea That If You Take Vitamins You Won't Get Sick... 

 You Won't Need An Ambulance 

In December, 2021, eleven months ago, the City Of Delta Junction's Rural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department, along with Delta Medical Transport (the region's ambulance service) asked for some of the $75,000 in Deltana Community Corporation Covid funds to help support ambulance response to the Covid epidemic in that area. They asked for funds to be used for oxygen, a heart monitor, a defibrillator and other emergency equipment needed to help the very ill.  

But the corporation's board had other ideas, according to a story in the Delta Wind

Pam Goode, president of the board of the Deltana Community Corporation, said she had seen a seminar about vitamins, and asked for the CARES Covid money to be spent on vitamins and information instead, the Delta Wind reported. 


So, the board awarded $4,000 to Delta Transport for their ambulance response – and $70,000 to Interior Alaska Medical Clinic of Delta Junction  for vitamins.

Delta's medical clinic is operated by Cross Road Medical Center in Glennallen.  
The $70,000 of Covid funding went to providing Delta people with "kits" holding vitamins C and D, zinc, antioxidant pills, a small device for measuring oxygen levels that you put on your finger called an oximeter, and printed "information" to take home, according to the Delta Wind

The rest of Delta's CARES funds, around $4,000, went to the farming community's financially strapped region-wide ambulance system. 

Distribution of the vitamin kits apparently occurred at the Delta Senior Center on a Saturday afternoon in late April, 2022, as shown in posts from a Delta Junction Facebook site last spring. 

According to the Delta Wind, another Deltana Community Corporation board member, Kerri Mullis, indicated, while deliberating about the value of vitamins, that if people "...had these tools to prevent them from getting sick, they would not need the ambulance service," the newspaper reported. 

Delta Medical Transport, through an arrangement with Cross Road Medical Center, also serves the Copper Valley. It provides the entire Copper River region with advanced ambulance service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

In September, Cross Road Medical Center announced that it would no longer have after-hours and weekend care available at its facility in Glennallen. 


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